Monday, November 1, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween!

The weather was kind to us on Friday, allowing us to make a visit to Disney Sea even with the typhoon warnings.

The place where dreams come true! I felt like a kid again at the Disney Sea Halloween themed park!

View of the house of terror!
We waited all day for the Mysterious Masquerade. where apparently, to secure seats for the show, you have to go through a lottery process!
Pictures speak for themselves. There really is nothing much to describe about Disney. Though we did not get to sit on most of the terrifying rides due to the super over hour long queue, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pierre Herme Macarons!

I was strongly recommended to try this out in Tokyo and did not think much about it until I found a branch by accident at Isetan in Shinjuku!
Brother bought 6 of them for me because I did not get a chance to buy them before I left for KL and I just popped one of them into my mouth. Seriously, they're worth the almost RM100 bucks for the 6 pieces (I was told by mom thats how much they cost) - absolutely beautiful!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ok, so it's been almost 4 days since I got into Tokyo. Having been here for the 4th time now, and not being too adventurous this round as it's a family holiday, I did not venture far.

Spent day 1 at Showa Kinen Park in a town calle Tachikawa- wandering the gardens, looking at greens and the 'Kosmos' flowers!

Stayed with mom's friend for a night before moving to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the family the next day. On the very first night, I had what would have been one of the best tasting unagi rice which can be eating just with rice, with some accompanyments or with o-cha soup base. And yes, they have the best deep fried eel bones! Yum! ( Will do a write up on this restaurant pretty soon - regrettably, I forgot to take the address only the phone no - but it's walking distance from the Takorozawa station)

I am rushing out for breakfast now and taking a long ride to Asakusa for the day and hopefully be able to get tickets to Disney Sea tomorrow for the Halloween special before I'm back home to KL.
More pics to come soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


One more year before i hit the big 3-0.

Spent this year in Jakarta. Nothing spectacular. Bought myself a nice dinner dress- which after conversion cost less than RM300.

Finally changed hotel rooms after 2 sleepless nights from the fuc**d up electrical wirings that would suddenly light up the floor lamp and door bell once the air con started making weird 'tak tak' noises!

I have made my wish. For the past 2 years - my wishes have come true. I am hoping this would too and last a lifetime!

Monday, October 18, 2010

In Jakarta

Everytime I am super unenthusiatic when I have to work in Jakarta. This time is probably a little bit of an exception.

Had a 'interesting' Saturday checking out the so called POLO RALPH LAUREN in Jakarta with Jason and Mary and debating whether it's the genuine PLR shops with Sass - the ladies polo only cost abt RM40 after discount. Those who frequent JKT would know that there is a very similiar concept that goes by the brand POLO. Ventured down to Taman Anggrek -Noticed the shop design and layout is different but the the shirts look ..oh well can't really tell the difference. Heard that someone bought like 1/2 dozen and took it back to the shops in KL to verify and was told they are genuine!

Sunday, had a crazy shopping day out buying baby stuff (no not for me! no where near there) at Mangga Dua. First time there with Shirleen, my Indo friend and we had an awfully great time selecting all the baby stuff. Finally something for myself (oh well tee hee, minus the PLR Tee I got) at Grand Indonesia. Minus the afternoon crowd, it can be pleasant shopping, as almost everything under the sun seems to be sold there!
Really, all sorts of funny stuff can be found here - vanilla smell blackberry covers!

Yep, I'm too lazy to turn the photos - my bling bling doraemon cover. At only 25,000 Rupiah, no wonder the blings are dropping off fast ..

Just 4 more days to go. I can't wait to start the family holiday in Tokyo and have a in Taipei. Shilin Fried Chicken....HERE I COMMMMMMMMMME

Blogging should resume to it's normal mode once I get into my HO-LEE-DAY mooodd yeah baby..bring it on!

Friday, October 1, 2010


His royal highness who loves nasi lemak would be sooo envious!
It's that time of the year after Raya...where our beloved Kakak from office makes us yummmmmmylicious nasi lemak...1 chicken wing, 1 drumstick, a lot of sambal sotong later, I'm stuffed and very satisfied.

Great way to end the Friday! Can't wait to meet my buddies tonight for a big feast!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I had completely forgotten to blog....

No excuses...just been too lazy and caught up with some personal stuff.

Blog will be right back on track next week!