Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1 - Siam Reap

So our 5 days in Siem Reap, 7 of us has come to an end. 4 fellas came back with diarrhea/ food poisoning.....

I've never been on a more tiring trip than this, but it was fun nevertheless. Waking up at 4 to catch a 7am flight with Air Asia is not exactly my idea of a relaxing holiday though.

Here's sporty bert peeping through the seats at Horse playing his games on his iPhone on our 2 hr plane journey.

Our comfortable little hotel, Encore Angkor. Service was tip top and staff were very friendly. At only USD30 per night, it's a good place to stay, excellent location. However, breakfast is minimal with only your choice of eggs and 2 pieces of toast and croissant, juice and tea/coffee.

The view from KC's room. Scaryyyy!

Our first stop on day 1. These kids are orphans and make a living producing handicraft apart from their daily studies. The condition of their living and study area will make you feel appreciative of what we're blessed with living in Malaysia.

The first temple we visited. Can't remember the name of the temple, but according to our guide, this was the first temple built and much of it has been restored. (Throughout the trip, we realize that a lot of the temples have been restored by UNESCO).

2nd temple visit. And a group picture

Here's me playing around with

And finally, to the much awaited Angkor Wat on Day 1. (more pictures to come on Day 3 when we got up again at 5 am for the sunrise)..
Our guide made us pose like this..

A 10 minute bus ride from Angkor Wat and 20 minutes walk up the hill to watch the beautiful Siem Reap sunset.

And this folks, ends our very fruitful but extremely tiring day 1. More pics to come for the remaining of the trip.....
On the first day, we had the services of Cambodian Guide Sowanna Yun. A very experienced and humourous guide (and from what I saw, highly recommended on Trip Advisor).

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