Thursday, September 30, 2010


I had completely forgotten to blog....

No excuses...just been too lazy and caught up with some personal stuff.

Blog will be right back on track next week!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meiji Copan Garlic Toast

This snack is soooo delicious you cant get enough of it. Found it at the little japanese snack place beside Madam Kuan in Mid Valley. They were doing a promotion RM9.90 for 3 packets (either garlic toast or chilli toast). I bought 1 while Jo got 2 with the chilli and reckons the chilli tastes way better, but to me, this garlic toast is already super addictive. Really have to get it if you're a fan of garlic toasts/ bread. YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anvien, Ho Chi Minh

Of my 10 dinners in HCM, dining at An Vien must have been one of my favourites as I had dinner twice here. Prices are considered high here but nevertheless worth every single cent paid. An average person would probably spend about RM50 having a decent meal here. Do try to bring more people along to be able to savour more of their very delicious dishes. Pictures below are of dishes we tried the 2 times we were there.

Located in a little alley, I believe, it's not hard to get the taxi to bring you there.

The restaruant settings were nice and elegant - totally in line with the top notch food they serve!

Deep fried fish cakes. Superb!!! Dont know why they don't serve it with any chili sauce on the side but nevertheless deep fried till crispy brown.

The crab meat glass noodle - probably one of the better ones I've tried. Not too salty, just the right amount of crab meat and served with lots of greens.

This has got to be one of my favourties - grilled pork and accompanied with crispy rice cakes.

This is apparently the right way to eat it - make a hole in the middle, stuff the tender pork in between and bite into it. Yum!

Also indulge yourself in these rice cakes - topped with something that tasted like shrimps (I can't remember exactly the viet name for it), but do look on the first page of the menu and look for the last dish!

As mentioned earlier, back in KL, the sugarcan prawns never come with greens and rice paper rolls. In Vietnam, i was informed, it's a norm.

The soft shell crabs were juicy, meaty and just fantastic. I'm not too big a fan of soft shell crabs, but they're nothing like some of the scrawny, over fried ones we get here!!

We only had dessert once - which was the coconut caramel (can't remember if it's exactly what it's called) - it's taste's very similiar to chendol, just that it comes in a pudding form and good enough, it was not served too sweet!

Overall conclusion: I love this place. Both times I was stuffed after dinner! And a must visit if you're in HCM - even if you're on a budget trip...

Address: 178 Hai Ba Trung, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: 824-3777

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lemongrass, Ho Chi Minh

Rated 9 out of 221 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City and recommended by a client, we decided to give Lemongrass a try on our second last night (out of 10) in HCMC.
Nicely decorated, a little Victorian, was my first impression of this place as we made our way to the first floor as G was already packed. There's a lady on the G floor that entertains you with music from a instrument that somewhat resembles an er-hu.
Just 2 of us, there was really not a lot we could order, so we settled mainly for dishes from their special menu. Noticed that most dishes in special dishes would have some lemongrass in them.

The deep fried prawn cake was fantastic and fried till golden brown. Crisp on the outside - juicy and spongy (according to my friend Wely, this is the best word to describe good fishballs) on the inside. Very very good!!!
We had the lemongrass minced crab next. In Malaysia, we just eat it straight but in Vietnam, it's standard we wrap it in rice paper rolls, basil, meehoon, vegetables amongst other greens.

We had the mussels with glass noodle next. Rather tasty and they were very generous with the mussels. We thought a bit too generous ...

And ended our meal with 'water spinach'.

The bill came up to about 400,000 VND which after calculation about RM60 ++ including tea. Again, if you're not game for the road side stalls and dont mind paying a bit more for better quality food in a nice ambience......Lemongrass is definitely worth trying

Address: 4 D Nguyen ThiepDong Khoi Area, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone No: (08) 822 0496