Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blackberry 8520

I got my this lil treasure over the CNY break. Celcom prepaid at RM2.50 a day. Can turn off whenever you want to and only RM998 for the phone. Never regretted it once. Joanna and Angel used to be BFFs, guess who's gonna take over her place with both of us having BB Messenger while she (Joanna) contemplates whether or not to get her iPhone . Tsk tsk tsk!!!
Now I can always see what my fav ppl are tweeting!
Blackberry rocks!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Despicable People

I had a conversation with 2 close friends yesterday over a 'yum cha' session in Hartamas last night. I came to realize in this world, there can really be certain types of people that are realllllly despicable. As another friend terms despicable ppl a while ago, 'the worms'!

1) they are of course again, as mentioned in my earlier post, 'the backstabbers'. They take a keen interest in your personal life, pretending to be a true friend. Behind your back, not only do they take your problems and sufferings as a topic to gain new friendships but the story is twisted and turned. E.g You turn up at work the next day to find out that the reason you took a sickie cause you had a flu had fully blown into a rumour that you went for an STD checkup/ AIDS treatment.

2) and then there are those that take a keen interest in your life. Once again, twist and turn the whole goddamn story and are stupid enough to let you know they are guilty of being the rumour monger. But cowardly enough to deny it while pushing the blame to others. Of course, the less severe of these people are those that plainly deny it (which presumably, is probably not as bad).

3) Sometimes, a little lie will not hurt. E.g 'The reason I skipped the reunion dinner was 'cause I was down with the flu (but in actualy fact you're prob. too lazy to meet your old uni mates and prefer to stay in to watch American Idol Season 9'). But no, there are some people, again, who feel compelled to tell the truth to all your uni mates, making you probably the most resented person of the night. Or even worst, has not verified the truth to the little lie and start their own little version of why you skipped dinner, e.g. 'She was too busy having sex the whole night to actually attend the dinner and ACTUALLY successfully make this dumb F*ck theory of them seem like the truth'.

I sometimes wonder, what actually makes people behave this way? I guess a few of us have already seen this can of rotten worms in action.

Any views?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roaring Tiger Year Ahead

This year is gonna be good!!!

Recently did a clearance sale on our online shop - DressTalk
Clearance sales runs from first day of CNY till the 15th day i.e February 28 and the response has been just overwhelming!

There has been a lack of posts lately simply because my brain is not functioning properly during this long break and I've been busy managing the sales with Stanley.

More to come after the CNY break....can't wait to be off to Europe for 3 whole weeks in March!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Year of The Tiger!!!

HAPPY CNY everyone....

While this should be a happy post, I'm sitting and staring at my laptop screen and screaming at myself on my stupidity in my selection of friends all these years.

Although you may take your heart out to treat some whom you regard as your true friends, you realize that people don't return the favour.

1. There is the type that can't stop telling you about your flaws on a daily basis. I'm not sure if it gives them the ego brush thinking they're way better by degrading you or they simply like to piss the SH*T out of you. They tell you via msn and if you don't respond, they take it to tweet or FB to let the whole world know how fat you are or how flabby your arms are or how ugly you look today.

2. Then comes the worst of the lot. The hypocrites. They backstab, criticise and spread rumours about you yet deny it or push the blame to some one else. You don't even waste your time confronting them cause it'll end up with them blatantly denying it. You take them as your confidante but your secrets are all leaked before you know it.

Therefore, 2010, my friends, it's the time to really filter out the 'toxic' ones and start anew!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nicholas Teo

My favourite boy endorsing 'Zheng' tea!!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 4 - Siem Reap (Tonle Sap & Dinner at FCC)

On our 2nd last day we made a trip 10km away from Old Town to the Tonle Sap lake.
My first reaction of the river leading to the lake when I arrived ,' dirty and muddy'

After paying USD10 pp, we hopped on a little boat that took us right to the lake.

..and check out the cigarettes sold by the street peddlars...Alan Delon ..hmm I always thought was some clothing line..

During the entire trip, I felt a bit ripped off, cause i was expecting some floating village like Bangkok's floating market, but we only made one stop to this floating 'farm' where we could feed the catfish (just like 2 miserable ponds) and see some crocodiles (even the little croc farm which can be seen from KC's hotel room - re: day 1 had more crocs). Check out the satelite dish for the farm!!!...

here's me at the top deck...

..and here's a very brave KC holding on to the snake at the floating 'farm'..

..where the children study..their school..

...and a floating church..'s our young boat boy playing with the water in the lake..

After the Tonle Sap lake visit, our guide Rottana, took us to the nunnery where he grew up after fleeing his village during the civil war where he lost touch with his mom for 12 years!

...our last stop for the day was to the Silk Farm..where we observed how silkworm were bred, fed and how silk comes about...

..feeding the worms with Mulberry leaves..

...after the 4th day and 3 meals daily, we have had enough of Cambodian Amok, Lok we opted for Western food for our last dinner in Siem Reap. FCC - a restaurant famous those days for the French journalists. Something like fine dining in Siem Reap...
Very good ambience, a bit on the pricey side...service- average. Be prepared to pay approximately USD15 without wine at this fancy restaurant.

they serve superb appetizers....this is the crab cake we ordered..

..ending my meal with a lovely coconut creme brulee

So yeah folks..that sums up my Siem Reap trip...
Enjoy your last minute shopping this weekend before Chinese New Year!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 3 - Siem Reap

Before I forget, lets introduce our guide from day 2-4, Mr Rottana, who speaks good English and is very knowledgeable on the places that we visit. Very friendly, obliging and alwasy ready to take a good shot of you! Strongly recommend him to anyone wishing to tour Siem Reap. He can be contactable at (855)12 878 531

Full of his touching life stories, he will never fail to make you bored throughout the tour.

We started off Day 3 by waking up at 5 am in the morning to be able to reach Angkor wat by 6am to watch the sunrise, approximately at 7 am.

Little Cambodian kid at Angkor Wat...

Our local breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop which serves delicious pork/chicken/seafood/beef kueh teow/ porridge and other types of 'dim sum'.

and 8 people can eat this much!!!!

Our next stop was to Banteay Srei...40km away from the town. Good time to take a quick nap before we start the afternoon.

After the temple, we made a quick stop by the roadside to see how the local villagers process palm sugar.

...and we made another qucik 20 minutes stop at the temple with no records or whatsoever of its history.

and finally at Banteay Samre, a temple built by the King for his father...

This was a picture I took at one of the temples in Day 2 - likely bayon. If u see between the roots, there is a carving.

XoXo....more day 4 pics to come before I sum up my Siem reap tour.