Saturday, February 20, 2010

Despicable People

I had a conversation with 2 close friends yesterday over a 'yum cha' session in Hartamas last night. I came to realize in this world, there can really be certain types of people that are realllllly despicable. As another friend terms despicable ppl a while ago, 'the worms'!

1) they are of course again, as mentioned in my earlier post, 'the backstabbers'. They take a keen interest in your personal life, pretending to be a true friend. Behind your back, not only do they take your problems and sufferings as a topic to gain new friendships but the story is twisted and turned. E.g You turn up at work the next day to find out that the reason you took a sickie cause you had a flu had fully blown into a rumour that you went for an STD checkup/ AIDS treatment.

2) and then there are those that take a keen interest in your life. Once again, twist and turn the whole goddamn story and are stupid enough to let you know they are guilty of being the rumour monger. But cowardly enough to deny it while pushing the blame to others. Of course, the less severe of these people are those that plainly deny it (which presumably, is probably not as bad).

3) Sometimes, a little lie will not hurt. E.g 'The reason I skipped the reunion dinner was 'cause I was down with the flu (but in actualy fact you're prob. too lazy to meet your old uni mates and prefer to stay in to watch American Idol Season 9'). But no, there are some people, again, who feel compelled to tell the truth to all your uni mates, making you probably the most resented person of the night. Or even worst, has not verified the truth to the little lie and start their own little version of why you skipped dinner, e.g. 'She was too busy having sex the whole night to actually attend the dinner and ACTUALLY successfully make this dumb F*ck theory of them seem like the truth'.

I sometimes wonder, what actually makes people behave this way? I guess a few of us have already seen this can of rotten worms in action.

Any views?

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