Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mother Care - Mid Valley Mega Mall

** Bitch mode ON**

I went to MotherCare in MidValley last night to get a gift for my friend, YS's baby girl.

I saw a 4 piece baby clothes that I thought would be a perfect gift for her. Being short as I am, I was just barely reaching the top rack of baby clohtes hanging on the hangers. Lazy to tiptoe, I decided to get help from the sales girl standing beside me that was looking like a 'dummy'.

Me: Excuse me, can you please help me get this (pointing to the style I liked) for 3-6 months old.
Sales girl started searching the clothes line for the sizes (there has to be at least 20 more in stock hanging on the clohtes line)

*** After about 1 minute***

Sales girl: Sorry tak de la (don't have). We need the baby's weight .. our clohtes go by baby's weight.

Me: (Thinking already WTF..this is really the first time I heard baby clothes go by weight of the baby!!).

So I decided to search for the clothes myself. I mean what are the chances. There are about 20 pieces left hanging and there's none for babies 3-6 months old??

After what seemed like 5 seconds...I found exactly what I was looking for. And then I showed Ms Blur.

I then took a closer look at the prints on the hanger and noticed that there was actually an indication of the baby's weight at a particular age for the recommended size and about 2 inches below that the age of the baby was stated in BIG PRINT (3-6 MONTHS). Ms. Blur must have missed that bit out and only saw the weight and jumped to conclusion that the right size for babies clohtes can only be obtained if we have the baby's weight. Well at least she was decent enough to apologize but I doubt it was for her stupidity.

Seriously, I wonder how she got recruited. Any sane thinking person WOULD KNOW that you don't choose clothes based on YOUR WEIGHT - be it adult, children or babies!!!

Stay tuned for my post sometime within the next 2 weeks on the True-Spa voucher that I won from the malaysian women's weekly! Total RIP OFF spelt with a capital R-I-P O-F-F

Monday, July 27, 2009

July 22nd's solar eclipse

Just a picture taken by some university student in Shanghai that Frank, my buddy in China sent it to me this morning. This is sooo cool!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Q Bean in IOI Puchong Mall

On a lazy Sunday, I went to Jack and Ken's Q Bean stall in Puchong IOI Mall after missing out on the opening couple of weeks back. Not that hard to locate, I managed to find it after 5 minutes upon entering the mall for the first time (opposite shakeys and beside Kwong Woh Tong). I was surprised to see that a queue had already formed outside his shop. For a new tenant to the mall, the shop seems to be doing well - I guess people are opting for healthier snack options nowadays.

His stall boasts all natural, no preservatives, and freshly made beverage and food.

The extensive menu of the stall, which includes freshly made soy bean (plain or with toppings such as Q Jelly and pearls), soy bean ice cream, tau foo far, ice blended and both sweet & savoury pancakes.

As my stomach wouldn't permit me to eat much more after lunch, I just had a bite of the curry chicken and sweet corn pancake. I would have loved to try the sardines and tuna. Generous in toppings with rich tasting pancake - it's a must have for your afternoon tea time snack or light meal.
The variety of drinks served at Q bean. After many weeks of being his guinea pig and countless comments from friends alike, I guess jack jack finally found the soy bean that would suit the taste of his consumers.

At the peak hour, all were hard at work, including 'da boss' himself. I now realize that it would probably take an hour plus to manually prepare and grind soy till it becomes soy bean milk.
Here's a picture of the proud co-owner of Q Beans - jack jack. He wouldn't give me one of those cute polo t-shirt bearing the Q-Bean logo!!!
And here's a picture of me with the soy bean ice cream. It's something that you have to try!! Dee-lee-cious!! Better than your McDees soft serve cone and guaranteed healthy!!!

I noticed that I do have some readers in the Puchong area. So if you happen to be near, just go try out some of the stuff they have there!
Now here's me signing off with a picture of the Kelana Jaya lake taken during happy hour and preparing for another week of hard work.......XoXo

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm hommmmmmeeeee

'Someone', whom I went out with last night (no names revealed.. for fear of embarassment) asked me if I was going to go to Singapore in the coming weeks.

Apparently she had wanted the above ciggies and mentioned that this packaging of Dunhill can only be obtained in Singapore - as she had recently gotten her cartons from there.

A bit curious as to why only in Singapore, I mean, after all Dunhill is a world reknowned brand and I don't think there's anything spectacular about the above packaging, I asked her why only in Singapore. Can just get any dunhill from your local convenience store or 7-11 right?

'See the logo beside the dunhill, that's the Singapore flag right?' (See the photo with the circle- that's the logo mentioned)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I miss home...

3 weeks in Indonesia ..another 1 1/2 weeks more to go!!!!!

I miss my bed

I miss all the Bert's on my display cabinet

I miss mom's soup

I miss sitting on my bean bag watching my TVB series

I miss my Bhranga classes

I miss drinking and talk cock sessions with Cal and Georgy Porgy

I miss my midnight 'boiling porridge' talk cock time and the freedom to sms at only 5 cents per sms

I miss my lazy Saturday lunches

I miss steamboat/ BBQ at jacko's place

I miss Deustche Gasthaus

Ah....2 more days!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ubud, Bali

Before I proceed further with this post, i would like to CONGRATULATE Jack Jack on the official opening of his Q Bean soya stall in 101 Puchong last Saturday! Here's to wishing the future tycoon prosperous business alllll de way and future drinks on him!!!!!!!!

On Monday, the last day to enjoy before its back to sheer, hard work in Bali (can you believe that, working in Bali!!!), we went to Ubud for 1/2 a day. Indeed a very, very rushed trip but something is better than nothing! We hired a guide for Rupiah 250,000 for 1/2 a day including the driver (cum guide) and car.

We stopped over for a late lunch at 2.30 pm at the famous Nuri's Warung on the way to Ubud. I have to say that the ribs are absolutely fantabulous - beats Tony Romas anyday but some may not share this thought!

Lady grilling the ribs by the roadside.
Succulent ribs...yummmm! Talk about going on a diet! This was my lunch and DINNER!
We then spent about an hour at the market place in Ubud - famous for its very cheap artsy and handicraft, clothes, bags amongst others. Our guide told us to bargain for at least 70% of the vendors' opening prices. My damages? One bag for the aunt (USD4), one bronze buddha statue (USD4) and a buddha sand painting (USD3).
We then found this beautiful 'stage' behind the Lotus Cafe in Ubud and stopped to take some pictures before proceeding to our next stop.
Breathtaking scenery of a 2km long paddy field. The guide informed us however, that this was not the best time as all the paddy has been harvested. If I remember correctly, Nov/ Dec and early in the year would have been the best time.
Then before our last stop, the guide stopped his car smack right in the middle of the road for about 10 seconds to enable us to take pictures of this weird little art gallery in Ubud. close to nature...and finally, our last stop in Kokokan for 'bird (or herons to be precise) watching. ...after when the sun has set, the birds flock back to this tree and 'fight' for the best spot to rest for the night.

XoXo...retiring to bed!!!



One of my favourite songs in 2009. Sung by BY 2 - a Singaporean twins team!

Monday, July 20, 2009

My weekend in Kuta

Before I begin my Bali post, just 2 more pictures from my Bandung trip that I would like to share - funky horses!!!

We braved the terrorism threats and still made our way to Bali for one more week of work.

Today is a public holiday in Indonesia and hence the long weekend. The last 2 days were spent in the Kuta area but my colleague and I were still careful as not to hang out in crowded areas.

The weekend was spent doing some shopping, relaxing at the beach, massage, and just hanging out by the pool.

We were put in the Santika Bali Hotel with only free wifi for 1 hour a day and hence the delay in posting of pics from the weekend. Well, here they are and the last batch would be from my 1/2 day trip to Ubud. Luck must be on our side after the Friday scare when we were upgraded to the ocean view suite!!!

First picture - a view of our suite - noooo..we did not get the presidential one on the bottom floor with the private pool but the 2nd floor suite.

Me - trying to look far into the horizon....hmmm, when will our cuti-cuti Bali together materialise..muahahaahah

Playing around with my LX3 - Kuta's sunset
The sky just after the sun has set

The view of the hotel and pool at dusk

View of the presidential suite pool taken from the corridor of our suite above.

And aren't they the cutest little things. Newly hatched turtles from the beach just outside our hotel. Dozens of them!!!!! Awwwwww

Walk in Kuta town at night. A boutique using real life models as 'mannequins'.....fresh! that basically sums up my 2 days in Kuta. And it's back to work on a Tuesday!!

XoXo- signing off. Wanted to put a video in here - one of my favourite songs in 2009 but blogger can't seem to upload the MV. Oh well!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend in Kuta Beach, Bali

We're taking pre-cautions not to be in crowded areas so far after the bombing. Can't believe that a Malaysian was involved in the bombings!!

I seem to see a lot more police on patrol and security seems to be tight so far at Kuta.

Because of the crappy 1 hour free wireless internet in the Santika Bali hotel, I am unable to post pictures yet of some pictures I have taken so far. Upon checking in, we were upgraded to some ocean view suite, which of course has an amazing view of sunset!

Would probably post them tomorrow once I have checked into another hotel closer to workplace for the remaining days.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bali No More?!?

Part 2

**Update 7.23pm local time: We have decided not to check out of the hotel but stay put our asses in the hotel as almost everyone has told us that it would be safe in the Shangri-la. Just as we entered the hotel, I could see like 3 'Polisi' cars outside and somehow they seem to have beefed up security at the entrance into the hotel lobby.

A chilling thought sent shivers down my spine. Was told by some colleagues today that we were originally meant to stay at the Ritz Carlton for the entire two weeks. I thank god we chose Shangri-la instead and that our counterpart in Jakarta starts work at 7.30 am. Even if we would have stayed there, we would have been on the way to work..and I was complaining about the ungodly work hours!

I pray for all those who have lost their lives in this inhumane bombing and hope that the rumours of the 6 more bombs are untrue.

**XOXO...time for even some hammering sounds from the room above me would make me jump. To be better safe than sorry, however, my colleague and I are taking that extra measure to have room service.

Part 1

Just this morning, I was excited about going to Bali. Now at 5pm local time, I'm praying that there will be no more bombs after the Mariott and Ritz-Carlton. Although we're about 15 minutes away, at the Shangri-La, which is owned by Malaysian Robert Kwok, I think it would be safer to check out of hotels anyway and stay in some local area, give you that peace of mind. Have been sent some pretty gruesome pictures of the bombing but not gonna post it here.

Sass, and we thought the gun incident was scary shit last year !!! Hmm....

If I do make it to Kuta beach tomorrow evening, I'll probably be staying put in the hotel.........otherwise see you soon in KL! And all flights out from Jkt to KL are fully booked. Crazy!

Off to Bali Tomorrow!

Whoa..finally one week has passed in Jakarta.

Ten minutes more before I head off to work!!!!

I'm ashamed to say that I have not stopped shopping. Sigghh!!Damages so far - 2 Zara skirts on 50% off (almost), Dress from Forever 21, Top from Next at 50%, two cardigans from some factory outlet in Bandung at only USD 10 each. The rest - well, you do need to get some souvenirs for friends and family righttttt.....

Many bouts of 'mini' diarrhoea later, I'm estatic that we're finally flying out to Bali tomorrow and 3 days of holiday before starting work!!!!! Will try to post some pictures later if I finally manage to download my pictures to anyone's laptop with an SD card reader!!!

XoXO - logging off and heading for work....

Monday, July 13, 2009

A day trip to Bandung

Post no 3.....damn blogger...

OMG blogger is ridiculous. I am having so much trouble posting pics. It's 11pm Jakarta time and I've just finished some work. And now I'm trying to upload these pics again?!?! I am trying to upload a picture of this funky horse I saw but the damn upload seems to be failing...I'm giving it one last shot and if it doesn't load...

** Twice i tried and retried...still fail to upload. I'll do it another time when blogger is not as crap!

Here are pictures of my very rushed day trip to Bandung on Saturday, approximately 2 hours away from Jakarta . Or rather below are only pictures of me in Gunung Tangkuban Parahu, an active volcano in Bandung, West Jawa.

Picture of sunset on the way back to Jakarta.

Had dinner in Ikan Bakar Cianjur, a restaurant in Kota. I had this aloe vera with Mocha drink which was something really unique and deliciouss....

Again I apologize for the lack of explanation and words in the blog as I'm already half dead by the time I'm back to the hotel.

Lost Dog

I look like a lost dog in this picture! Hahhaha damn idiotic

What is wrong with freaking blogger?

I have not been able to update pictures for 2 whole days already - don't know what the hell is wrong with blogspot.

Sorry folks!

Anyway..time really does fly. Tomorrow is July 14, 2009. Last year this time, I put up a post on my bestie's bday on my old blog. She turns another year older tomorrow and is happily engaged to 'William So' - her beloved Matthew or hubby as she fondly calls him, while I am still in search for my Mr Right to go on that dream beach holiday with..muahhahaha. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN

Here I am wishing her another great year ahead...and in advance in case I still can't get internet connection at work tomorrow....siggghh!!!!

XOXO - signing off and back to working in the hotel. All the travelling is not doing my skin any good and I am facing a problem of massive breakouts. Damn!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Random pics from Jakarta

Finally, I have managed to upload some pictures.

The past 4 days have been soooooo tiring - training, automobile manufacturing plant tours, dinners, post dinner drinks and I am still brain dead. I apologize for the lack of quality posts as I only have energy to post up random pics while watching my long overdue series.

The view of the Shangri-La at night. Shot taken from the pool trying out the night mode. I'm still trying to figure out how not to have that bright exposure. I've tried lowering ISO, turning off the flash - still does not work.The view of the pool at night. Can't wait to take a swim this coming Sunday.Muahahahah.. a BIG difference from the room in Hanoi. Spacious, comfortable pillows, warm comforters....Toilet- not as impressive but nice Lavender smelling toiletries.

A picture of sunset in Jakarta. I don't know the name of this beach - but they have a pretty good seafood restaurant named Jimbaran here. Wooo....let's see if I can become an expert in taking sunset pics!
And finally a picture of an 'antique' Toyota - picture snapped during a tour of PT Astra's Museum.
Can't wait to have a relaxing weekend by the pool and in Bandung before we start the 7.30 am work day next week in Jakarta.

Monday, July 6, 2009

In Jakarta

4.47pm local time. In KL it should be 5.47pm. Just sitting down using the free broadband in the room and I realized that AGAIN i have forgotten to bring my cable to connect my camera to the laptop cause this 'cacat' laptop apparently doesn't have an SD card reader. So no pics till I manage to upload my pics into Ken's laptop!

Well.....I have still not fully recuperated from the Hanoi trip but then I guess the only consolation is that for the next 2 weeks before I am off to Bali, I get to stay at Shangri-La Jakarta with a King Sized bed for me and Bert! Woooooo

Anyway..below is a pic I snapped on the way to Wangsa Maju to look for Stanley last night - pretty amusing that the 'FBI' was on the bike behind the ambulance behind the fire engines.

XOXO folks...till my next post!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final post for Hanoi - foodie pics!!!

Our guides from Hanoi Kids took us to this popular ice cream joint in the old quarters to cool us down from the sweltering heat on the very first day we arrived.
Chocolate ice-cream that tastes heavenly when you've walked the whole afternoon where the temperature is about 32 degrees.

Our guides also took us to a local restaurant where they served icky stuff like this. None of us was game to try it though.

Stuffed Crabs..nothing to shout about
On the last night, we wanted something really tradtional and local, so our guides took us to another local restuarant.

Rice paper rolls with Viet restaurant in Malaysia can whip up a dish like this. I think I had about 4-5 rolls.
Deep Fried Corn till golden

Beef dish with donuts.. they look like something from our local 'dai chow'
Throughout the entire trip, something I enjoyed tremendously would have been the 'Cha Ca' - a grilled fish dish with noodles.

How the end product should look like on your bowl. However, I must say that the entire meal was pretty costly for Vietnamese standard - either that or we must have ate A LOT. Simple meal for 7 of us came up to about USD29.

So, there you go folks. That sums up my Hanoi trip. And I'll be off to Jakarta and Bali for 3 whole weeks for work starting tomorrow!!!