Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sightseeing in Hanoi

One of my more fav pictures taken on board the Jasmine....
The LV shop at old quarters

A quaint little art gallery in the Old Quarters
Temple of Literature which was built and used for Confucious teachings. It was later converted into a university.

One of the courtyards in the Temple of Literature
At the entrance of the Temple of Literature
A night shot of a church in Old Quarters, Hanoi
The one pillar pagoda near Ho Chi Minh Masoleum
The Presidential Palace -architecture with French influence

With our guides, Hanoi Kids at Hoan Kiem Lake

Another of my fav pictures, yellow Chimp posing like some Bollywood star whilst horsey snaps away

So exhausted from the heat .......but still manage so have a lil bit of fun at Hoan Kiem lake

Cafes overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake

Waiting for the water puppet show to start - 3 of the guys found it so boring they fell asleep, but I thought it was pretty interesting, or perhaps we had all had such a tiring day
Museum of Ethnology - the following pictures were taken at the museum whereby we get to see the homes of the various tribes in Vietnam.

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