Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ubud, Bali

Before I proceed further with this post, i would like to CONGRATULATE Jack Jack on the official opening of his Q Bean soya stall in 101 Puchong last Saturday! Here's to wishing the future tycoon prosperous business alllll de way and future drinks on him!!!!!!!!

On Monday, the last day to enjoy before its back to sheer, hard work in Bali (can you believe that, working in Bali!!!), we went to Ubud for 1/2 a day. Indeed a very, very rushed trip but something is better than nothing! We hired a guide for Rupiah 250,000 for 1/2 a day including the driver (cum guide) and car.

We stopped over for a late lunch at 2.30 pm at the famous Nuri's Warung on the way to Ubud. I have to say that the ribs are absolutely fantabulous - beats Tony Romas anyday but some may not share this thought!

Lady grilling the ribs by the roadside.
Succulent ribs...yummmm! Talk about going on a diet! This was my lunch and DINNER!
We then spent about an hour at the market place in Ubud - famous for its very cheap artsy and handicraft, clothes, bags amongst others. Our guide told us to bargain for at least 70% of the vendors' opening prices. My damages? One bag for the aunt (USD4), one bronze buddha statue (USD4) and a buddha sand painting (USD3).
We then found this beautiful 'stage' behind the Lotus Cafe in Ubud and stopped to take some pictures before proceeding to our next stop.
Breathtaking scenery of a 2km long paddy field. The guide informed us however, that this was not the best time as all the paddy has been harvested. If I remember correctly, Nov/ Dec and early in the year would have been the best time.
Then before our last stop, the guide stopped his car smack right in the middle of the road for about 10 seconds to enable us to take pictures of this weird little art gallery in Ubud.
Ahhh..so close to nature...and finally, our last stop in Kokokan for 'bird (or herons to be precise) watching. ...after when the sun has set, the birds flock back to this tree and 'fight' for the best spot to rest for the night.

XoXo...retiring to bed!!!


chutmia said...

thanks jess.

haha by tht way its IOI Mall in Puchong.

come look for me when u r back. i m stuck in my little prison

siaoyue said...

chutmia: yes yes..if Sunday u free i go visit u yeah