Monday, July 20, 2009

My weekend in Kuta

Before I begin my Bali post, just 2 more pictures from my Bandung trip that I would like to share - funky horses!!!

We braved the terrorism threats and still made our way to Bali for one more week of work.

Today is a public holiday in Indonesia and hence the long weekend. The last 2 days were spent in the Kuta area but my colleague and I were still careful as not to hang out in crowded areas.

The weekend was spent doing some shopping, relaxing at the beach, massage, and just hanging out by the pool.

We were put in the Santika Bali Hotel with only free wifi for 1 hour a day and hence the delay in posting of pics from the weekend. Well, here they are and the last batch would be from my 1/2 day trip to Ubud. Luck must be on our side after the Friday scare when we were upgraded to the ocean view suite!!!

First picture - a view of our suite - noooo..we did not get the presidential one on the bottom floor with the private pool but the 2nd floor suite.

Me - trying to look far into the horizon....hmmm, when will our cuti-cuti Bali together materialise..muahahaahah

Playing around with my LX3 - Kuta's sunset
The sky just after the sun has set

The view of the hotel and pool at dusk

View of the presidential suite pool taken from the corridor of our suite above.

And aren't they the cutest little things. Newly hatched turtles from the beach just outside our hotel. Dozens of them!!!!! Awwwwww

Walk in Kuta town at night. A boutique using real life models as 'mannequins'.....fresh! that basically sums up my 2 days in Kuta. And it's back to work on a Tuesday!!

XoXo- signing off. Wanted to put a video in here - one of my favourite songs in 2009 but blogger can't seem to upload the MV. Oh well!!!

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