Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Michelin Star - Chef Albert Tse

From the 28th-31st October, Chef Albert Tse from the China Blue Restaurant at the Conrad Tokyo was in town, making a guest appearance at Chynna, KL Hilton. Costing a whopping RM288++ per person (without wine), I had the honour of being invited to experience his culinary skills.

The table setting at Chynna, and 2 wine glasses were already placed in front of me by the time I got to the restaurant.

Our first dish, fresh lobster and seasonal vegetable tartar "China Blue" style. Very refreshing!

Then came the Braised Sharks Fin with Shanghai Crab Superior Yellow Stock, my favourite for the night. Rich in taste, rich in aroma, rich in ingredients but just a little on the salty side.

Deep-fried Wagyu beef with black sugar and mustard sauce. Some of us thought that it was a little bit of a waste to deep fry Wagyu. I liked it anyway but the beef was a lil' overcooked. A hint of the east meets the west style of cooking.

Roasted fish fillet with Chinese Miso and Japanese aromatic Citron sauce. Tastes exactly like char siew fish. Something different but may not appeal to everyone - but the cod fish was just cooked to perfection.

And finally, another of my favourite dish for the night. Fresh prawn with Somen (like your regular 'meen seen') in clear broth. The freshness of the prawn combined with the somen was just the best combination to end the dinner - not too heavy. The broth was so full of flavour. the time came dessert, avocado mousse and coconut ice cream, the food was all up to my throat, but I could not resist taking a few spoonfuls of this delicious yet not-too-sweet dessert.

Throughout the night, our gracious host just treated us to good quality red, whites and dessert wine. Ahh..this is what I call 'yau hau fook'!!!...

Think gymming 4 times a week the coming week is enough to burn all the fats and cholesterol??
XoXo..signing off .....early night tonight ...getting all geared up for the Terry Fox Run tomorrow (although there's really no need to run as it gets so crowded you can barely walk, let alone run)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sue's Hen's Party - A Funny Pic

Devil ' Vampirellla' Jo has kidnapped the Bride, Princess Su-Gus from her prince Einnor and tries to take a bite off her virgin flesh and blood, believed to provide one with eternal youth. Guardian Angel Loongus tries to foil her plan by shooting with her invisible gun....

HAHA TGIF folks!! XoXo


Out with some old school mates the other day, Mich and Eric, when Mich suddenly asked me 'Have you always pronounced To-Bas-Co?' Strangely to say, yes I have and for the first time in life, I actually took notice of the bottle and realized that it is actually spelt with an A and not O on the second alphabet. I bet many of you out there made the same mistake?

I'm staying off beer for 1 month. Was meant to start since last Sunday and the reminder was already on my MSN header but I couldn't resist one pint of Hoegaarden at The Library on Monday after dinner. Damnit! And Eric said:

Eric: Take a picture then later photoshop your hand red...
Mich and me: Scratching our heads wondering....
Eric: ....cause you have been caught red handed drinking beer...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sue's Hen's Outing - The Pictures

Those of you who know me would probably have seen the entire collection of pics in my FB. But here are some for those who don't!

Lovely mini cuppacakes for the bride to be. (I assume they're from Wondermilk as YellowChimp got some for me from there with similiar packaging)

Very happy girls who participated in the games Shirley painstakingly prepared for...Charades and the 'I never' we know who's had sex at the back of a car...muahahah

And let the party begin at Poppy. I swear it was impossible to bring the bride down! 2 Flamin, 1 B52, 1 sambuca jargermeister....a lot of hard liquor and she was still standing like a rock (we found out no puking throughout the entire night)..must be all the training from a certain Mr. R. Lim.

...this is me and the beautiful sue ann.....sue ann, joanna and angeline doing 'The Angeline'. The same girls, same pose 'cept the hen was different. Imagine sue and joanna posing for the camera in Bangkok (while dragging her to the lobby to hail a cab from SkyBar) with their 'V's while our poor Angel was down, down, down. This time no hunks to snap a pic of them but just a hot chic - namely, yours truly..muahaha

Come on baby..bring on the flames!
(Yeah, and I was made to share one with her..I'm surprised I could get up for my Quacky run afters)

..and here's another group pic! Thanks Shirley for the great night out!

And here's to wishing Sugus and Ronnie a lifelong of happines...XoXo..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Weekend

Ooh lala my 3 inches Bert (which I won from Ebay costing a total of USD2.25 including postage) finally came in the mail just before the weekend began.

This weekend has been one of the most tiring in a long long long time..but a very enjoyable one. I would be posting videos and photos progressively as I still need to recover from the tiring weekend.
It's been a while since our usual Karaoke gang met up for a good catch up and singing session at Red Box, The Gardens. Thanks to Maxi Tani who made it possible! Our usual K buddy, Max and Mel who were back from Australia on hols.

This is one funny pic. Jimmy Lai trying on Laura's specs cause he thought it looked good and wanted a similiar one. Men and vanity!

Yesterday was dedicated to our very beautiful Sue Ann a.k.a Sugus and her hen's outing. Again more pics to come when I've fully recovered from the weekend. Congrats to the future Mr and Mrs Ronnie Lim. And check out that 'Darth Vader' veil specially hand made by the MOH, Shirley. Very beautifully done up!

And my biatches made me wear this during the afternoon meet up and play games with the bride session at the Ascott. Shocking! I look like a cabaret chic?

And this morning, waking up at 6.50am and doing my part for breast cancer awareness. Doing the Quacky Run with Hedzri, which flags off at Jaya 1. A total of 4.5 km in less than 1/2 hr.

Friday, October 23, 2009

My CupCakes

Thank you to the lovely Sarah, YellowChimp and Horsey face.

The photos have been posted onto my FB. For those who wish to view, please goto
--------> Facebook

p/s: and thank u Kev..all the way in Melbourne...for the flowers!!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turning 28

So my big 28 came and went. I'm officially in my late 20s and stepping into the 30s. Every year I say the same thing. The celebration just gets better and better! The pah-tay started last Friday with many drunk and happy people towards the end of the night. As I stupidly left my camera at home again, I now have to wait for pics from Sarah's cam. (So folks more pics to come).

Here are some of the pictures showing the all the food and fun I had over the weekend.

The delicious cheesecake, thanks to my cousin WF.

And was treated to a lovely dinner at Cafe Cafe.

...serves the best Foie Gras in town...........
..and the very additive warm chocolate cake......yum!
Not to forget the presents (below...Bert's new friend...RED...lots of lurve from Joanna and MelMel)
...and a bouquet of roses from god-knows-who. I'm still trying to figure out who sent em to my house......
And on the actual birthday, a few of us were treated to a very lovely dinner at Overseas Restaurant, Jalan Imbi.
I swear they serve the best 'har lok' (prawns in dark sauce) in town! Eat first think cholesterol later.

And our kind host swears by the 'char siew'.....
I cannot thank my friends enough for all the lovely dinners, gifts and wishes ......
XoXo..till the next batch of pictures from the pah-tay at The Library (yeah...thanks to both the JLs I know...I'm still nursing the hangover plus flu from the Grayevard) HA HA HA

And to that 'someone', remember me if u get the 4 digits for lottery spot on and the dinner and my special 'gift' if u win the lottery!!!!!!muahahahha!

Haha, on a diff. note, someone made a comment why my blog is all words and no bikini shots..HAHA WTF. I don't want to scare the hell out of my readers with the beer belly!

Silk Air Complaint

Someone has responded to my complaint on Silk Air.. ----> from my previous blog post.

They compensated me with a USD50 service voucher. Ok lah, at least they are efficient in responding (compared to Malaysian Airlines , which is prob the worst ) although the guy only gave me a one liner reply in his email.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Down with the flu

..on my big 28!


Pics and posts coming soon......

Friday, October 16, 2009

Funny Names

Yesterday I saw a school kid in uniform. He had a name tag sewn to his uniform. His name was 'Cocky Law XXX'.

Can you imagine naming your kid Cocky?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What women really want?

When a woman tells you,
'I am not angry at you' - how often does she really mean it?
'No I don't need an anniversary gift and no need to spend money on an expensive dinner'- But will she get pissed off if you don't show an inch of sincerity during that day.

When she says FINE in an argument, do you really expect the end of it?
When she gets you to quit drinking or smoking but you never seem to take the initiative, she retorts, 'Whatever'. But is that really the end of the argument and you're left to smoke and drink in peace?

She says,' I look fat in this.' If you agree, your being an asshole. If you disagree, she's certain you're lying.

So are women really complicated beings?
So men, when your woman says, 'I don't need flowers'. Be really sure that she either hates em' or have pollen allergy, otherwise you're in for a hard time!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Why do they cast bloody good looking males in most vampire movies/ series?

They had Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire then Rob Pattinson in Twilight.

Just check out Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore (the evil one) in The Vampire Diaries, the new series by the CW - now up to Episode 5. I am hooked! Here's the long trailer...(Sean, if you're reading this - I think you will not have much complaints with the choice of guys here after your complaints on me liking Horatio from CSI Miami!! And at least it did not get axed like 'The Beautiful Life')

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Laura and Adrian's Big Day

(Most pictures and videos were taken by Mama Choo- my appointed photographer for the 2 days)
October 2nd - The girls, Mary, Nat, Joanna, Angeline, Juliet and myself head down to suite 3312 in Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur to prepare the games for the 'jip san leung' morning.

Mary with the evil grin as she starts the prep work for the games. Put your mind to work what those grapes would be used for!! Sadly, in the end we did not have time for the grapes.

Joanna starts pounding the chillis with the bittergourd as all of us forgot the blended for the dreaded morning 'sweet, sour, bitter, spicy' drinks. Laura's looking on, amazed at her strength!

Here's a short clip of Joanna educating Laura on using your strength and skills to smash chillis with a bittergourd without the presence of a blender'

Ta dah - bittergourd and chillies without the vinegar, cordial and wasabi yet! Our very own concoction.
The teapot and teacups to be used for the 'jip san leung' morning.

The bride demonstrates eating strawberries tied to a string. Again, let your minds wonder. Video clip will be posted at below on what actually were the guys required to do the next morning.

2 hours later, the prep, the props and the girls are all ready for the next morning to give the guys hell!

By 8am on October 3rd, all the girls, the cousins, the bride was ready to meet the groom and his entourage. Here's a group picture of the very pretty bride with all of us!

Here's comes the dashing groom, all suited up and ready to pick his bride...

But before that, 10 handpicked or voluntary 'heng dais' gotta have a taste of the painfully prepared drinks. Yeah, we even had slices of bitter gourd as deco on the cups. Creative eh!

As all Chinese wedding tradition goes, the 'open door angpow' is a must. The first angpow we received had wads of RM1 dollar notes. Is Laura only worth that much! He he he.

After only when most of the girls were happy with the 'ang pow' we let the guys in the first door where the real action began!

The boys getting ready for the belly dance! With the scarves and bells!

A video of their dance. See it to believe it. Some of em can dance! Lets see them jiggle those bellies

The 'kaku' (stiff at the joints from lack of exercise throughout the years) boys where then told to do some yoga poses... the unlucky ones chosen by the groom had the honour of pleasuring the girls.

And when you still don't give enough ang pow to proof how much your wife is really worth, this is the additional hurdle that you will have to do!

Finally, the groom has passed all hurdles and obstacles during the games session to pick up his bride. (MAMA this picture is OVER EXPOSED ..yeah blame it on her!)

We then headed to the Glad Tidings church on Jalan Gasing and had to arrive by 10.30 am. Not many pictures were taken here, as 5 of us had to walk down the aisle with Laura and were seated smack right in the front row.

Don't we all look lovely on this very special day!

When the morning session ended, we only had like a couple of hours rest before heading over to the hotel again for the dinner. (I've got some before and after pics of me and the girls before and after our make up pictures but I think I'll never live to see 2010 if I post them up here)

The very stunning bride and the quite handsome groom made their grand entrance at 8.30pm -the usual time for KL Hotel Wedding Dinners.

This is a picture of Laura with her many men (only one is married - can you guess who! Ladies, take your pick- there are 3 other single ones excluding Natasha's other half (most right))And here's one of Laura with the girls -US. Sorry everyone here is either married, getting married or getting into a relationship (Joanna and myself have decided that we're probably meant for each other : HA HA HA)

Here's a picture of Raccoon Sue and the very happy groom to be Ronnie. Made them do some arty fartsy pose.

The after party at Cynna. Wow, I'm surprised at our level of energy, especially Laura's and Adrian even after the long day - but when you're happily and blisfully married, nothing else in the world matters!

From L-R: Loong and Angeline (next in line to get married), my lou gong jai - no longer, we divorced back in 2004(who's expanding by the minutes) and my new partner in crime, Joanna.

And to end my very long post, a picture of Sue, Desmond (the best man for Lin and Loong's wedding), yours truly and the self proclaimed young looking and handsome Jimmy Lai (English teacher).

Here's wishing Laura and Adrian a lifetime of happiness and may you have a football field of kids!

XoXo..till my next post. Enjoying Singapore for this week!