Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Should Calene 'unlayer' her hair...

George, Cal, Wei Keat and I went for happy hours last night.
G has this thing abt cal's overly layered hair (or we can call it puffy). So again and again he suggested she chop it off or at least change it. But Cal's reaction is that she's been going to the same hairdresser since 3 and don't want to be a betrayer and try someone new for a fresh new look.
3 of us insisted she should have a new 'unlayered' look. Somehow she seems more interested in her wings than our conversation.

And here's us chipping in for her much needed new hair-do...

But alas, she maintains she does not want to chop it off. She likes her mane!

What do y'all think?

Perhaps if you would like to contribute to Calene's trust fund, we can accumulate enough money to get her a nice rebonding, and 6 well-deserved Kerastase hair treatment/ scalp treatement - leave a comment and ur contribution amount. We will contact you shortly for more details.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Did you do your part for Earth Hour 2009? Switch off your lights for one hour from 8.30pm-9.30pm.
Well, I did!
Above are 2 pictures of Kl Tower and Petronas Twin Tower just before 8.30pm and just after as lights went off for an hour!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Body Odour

What kind of person are you?
A) Direct & Straight to the point
B) Beat around the bush to get your point -cause you are Little Ms Nice.
C) Seem nice in the outside but is a mega b***h behind the scenes
D) Afraid to voice your thoughts.

Say an acquaintance has really bad body odour, will you
A) Tell them off nicely they smell
B) Beat around the bush until they get the point that they smell, perhaps your opening line could be, 'Did you just have garlic' or 'Do you use perfume?'
C) Bear with the smell but bitch about it to all your buddies later on.
D) Just bear with the smell, after all it's just your acquaintance

What if your close buddy has the really bad BO? Will you,
A) Say it in their face that the do smell - and ask them to do something about it, after all what are friends for right?
B) Suggest that they may want to start using cologne/deodorant/perfume.
C) Ask all your other close friends if they have noticed anything funny about XXX and get them all to smell him/her -and have a good laugh about it later on.
D) Do nothing - you can't bear to see your friend hurt

If you have chosen mostly A, good on you. You'll probably get your problem resolved sooner or later rather than suffocate.
If you have chosen mostly B, you're such a diplomatic and nice person. But your message may not get across and you maybe suffocated by bad BO in the near future.
If you have chosen mostly C, you're a mean ole' person but you'll still suffocate from bad BO!
If you have chosen mostly D, you're probably like my friend J, who has noticed that our friend has BO for a long long time and chose to keep quiet and live with that smell!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joke of the Day

I had drinks with LinLin and Jerry, my old housemate during uni days at Soho in Causeway Bay. Most friends that are close to me or even those who follow my blog know my obsession with Bert from Sesame Street.

So Jerry began with telling us that Sesame Street would be retrenching some of its staff -he'd read from somewhere. So I mentioned that I heard from someone the voice behind Big Bird got fired because they found out the guy was gay.

A very surprised Jerry suddenly burst out saying, 'Har, you mean they're taking Big Bird off the show (Sesame Street)?????'


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Coming to an end

Today will be my last day in Hong Kong before I proceed back to KL back to my routine Jap classes, not so consistent gym, recently started Badminton, drinking with  the bad-influence Calene...etc.

Had a pretty eventful Friday at work and night.

Last night Virginia, her jee muis (sisters) including me went to this bridal shop called Bridal Dreams in Tsim Tsa Tsui to take measurements for our sister dresses.  The met up with CK and Brian, an old uni friend at LKF for a few drinks at Lux.

This morning went to 7-11 to get a carton box to pack all my junk to cart back to KL tomorrow....ehehe I have a compulsive buying disorder when it comes to snacks - but I am not a shopaholic! Speaking of that, it's on my to-do list to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic when I get back.  I have yet to get the Kiwi flavoured Pokka biscuits.

Nothing much else to update on my blog.  Just watching Mickey Mouse on TVB Jade Channel while waiting for LinLin to finish her shower and head to Prince Edward for sister dresses as well.  Hope it turns out to be a fruitful day although we've seen some promising ones.

See you back in KL. XOXO

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fish Leong in Concert, Hong Kong 2009

I managed to catch Fish Leong in concert during the weekend in Hong Kong.

Some pics from Fish Leong's concert in the newly renovated Hung Hum Coliseum in Hong Kong on March 15, 2009. -If I remember clearly, her theme was something like 'White Valentines'.

Me and LinLin got pretty good seats for HKD500, although it was at the side..but unfortunately Fish Leong hardly looked our side and I hardly got any front view shots of her.  Although not as entertaining as Lee Hom's concert which I went with Lin Lin in Cotai Arena at the Venetian Macau, it was nonetheless pretty good and a surprise or two were thrown in.  She rendered most of her classics like 'Yong Qi' (Courage) and 'Fen Shou Kuai Le'(Happiness when broken up).

A packed coliseum.....

Perhaps one of the highlight of the night was the acrobatic duo from Beijing!!

I was really fascinated by their stunts and they were moving so swiftly, my Ixus could not catch a good view of them hanging mid-air with their stunts.
And guess who she had as guest artist!!! None other than Leo Ku!!!!

And dressed very casually for the ENCORE!!!

And this is my all time favourite song from her. 属于. Too bad the fler who recommended this song to me ain't here to experience her concert too!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Of all the stupidest things I have done so far, this has got to be the far the best.  

What happens when you never check if your visa is a single entry permit and u enter China twice from HK? 

Get deported back lor! After your ferry arrives in Jiangmen....

That is exactly what happened to me today.  Arriving at 11.30am to find out my visa is a single entry and I have used that up last week.  The immigration officers shooting piercing looks at you as if you really are an illegal immigrant.  And then waiting in the ferry like an illegal immigrant until the ferry leaves Jiangmen at 3.30pm - the kind staff on board the ferry must have really felt back for me as they offered me the first class seat instead of making me sit in a little corner like a rejected being.  Total...a 5 hr ferry ride to and from HK in a single day! Siggghhhh

Next post coming...Fish Leong in Concert in Hk!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How does your husband see you??

This is how papa Ian drew mama Juliet on their wedding morning during the 'pick the bride' ceremony.

Monday, March 9, 2009

In Jiangmen

I havent again been blogging for a while...cause I have been busy...I don't know doing what but just busy -badminton, dresstalk, work, Juliet's wedding. I am now at Jiangmen, China, this place in China that is 3 hours from Hong Kong by ferry for work. Don't ask me what the attractions are, cuz I've not managed to figure it out.

Will be back to blogging in a few days once I get some pictures posted.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grill Fish Anyone?

龙(Loong) 小 (Siao) 愉 (Yue) is how my name is written in Chinese, but over the years I've had many nicks including ikan bakar/grill fish (烧鱼 which may sound a little like my name pronounced in 'distorted' Cantonese), xiao loong bao, small dragon (as Loong means dragon in Chinese) etc。

One of those that has probably been stuck with me for years has to be ikan bakar from friends who have known me since my childhood days.....

Hmm to my amusement, I found this shop while having a 'yum cha' session one night....

Monday, March 2, 2009

And the results of the bet are......

On Friday, 2 of my friends had a bet if Joanna's dog can munch our leftover pork knuckle bone till it looks like a scrawny little bone. Jimmy had his doubts- hence a bet for 1 jug of beer was launched! Click here if you forgot what the bet was about.

And guess who won!! Poor Jimmy..now we'll all be popping over to his office after hours for the well deserved jug of icy cold beer and perhaps throw in some Chicken Wings.
The stages of the bone chewing process:
1) Happy Bobo being given the bone
2) Bobo starts his chewing
3) Bobo taking a rest after chewing for a bit
4) Bobo starts to tear the bone apart
5) Only the bone is left within less than 3 hours...
6)Between 3-7 hours (yes, to win the bet, joanna was keeping close watch at Bobo)
7) And by the next morning - a close up view of the bone......

Oooh...now I can't wait for that jug of beer. Thank u Jimmy. But whichever way, who wins I would have gotten my beer too!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Heng Chin Fatt Seafood Restaurant

My family and I have patronized this seafood restaurant for years but I've never got a chance to blog about it until now. A little treasure in Pandan Indah that would probably require a bit of familiarity with the area to locate it.

4 of us:- dad, mum, grandma and myself reached the restaurant pretty early, just after six on a saturday evening. It's always advisable to arrive early as the jam gets pretty bad leading into and out of MRR2.

Although Heng Chin Fatt serves chinese style cooking mainly, the cooking has a lil bit of french influence in it, such as the escargots baked with cheese (but sadly, we did not have this dish this round). One of the main reasons why I enjoy eating in this restaurant so much is because the chef never fails to amaze us with the variety of dishes each time. They never seem to run of out specials.

Today we had:-

River 'Sai Dou' fish and scallop cooked with salted egg yolk.

Stir fry crab and pork spare ribs with onions. Sweet and a little tangy

Kai Lan with Chinese rice wine.....veges never tasted that good before

Clams or lala with another type of Chinese Wine stock

Steamed 'patin' with 'choy boh'. This fish is a little spicy as they have chopped chilli bits in it but nevertheless, you can never have enough of it.

For 4 of us, the bill came up to RM110, which is pretty cheap considering the type of food we had. Also try their homemade deepfried tofu, Japanese clams with 'kam heong' sauce, stir fry fish cheeks...ahh the list of yummies is endless!!!!! Sometimes they even have Western styled soup such as mushroom as well as pumpkin, which I assure you won't be disappointed!
To get there, the easiest landmark I can identify is The Store (just beside it).
8G, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23C
Taman Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 11.30am-2.30pm and 5.30pm-10.30pm
Phone: 03-92748281/ 016 3329 780 (Carrie)