Monday, March 2, 2009

And the results of the bet are......

On Friday, 2 of my friends had a bet if Joanna's dog can munch our leftover pork knuckle bone till it looks like a scrawny little bone. Jimmy had his doubts- hence a bet for 1 jug of beer was launched! Click here if you forgot what the bet was about.

And guess who won!! Poor we'll all be popping over to his office after hours for the well deserved jug of icy cold beer and perhaps throw in some Chicken Wings.
The stages of the bone chewing process:
1) Happy Bobo being given the bone
2) Bobo starts his chewing
3) Bobo taking a rest after chewing for a bit
4) Bobo starts to tear the bone apart
5) Only the bone is left within less than 3 hours...
6)Between 3-7 hours (yes, to win the bet, joanna was keeping close watch at Bobo)
7) And by the next morning - a close up view of the bone...... I can't wait for that jug of beer. Thank u Jimmy. But whichever way, who wins I would have gotten my beer too!

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Sue-Ann said...

I think how Bo Bo sees dog to bone is how we see beer - tempting and irresistable. Give Jess her jugs - she will slowly but surely finish it....every if it takes all day...haha