Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fish Leong in Concert, Hong Kong 2009

I managed to catch Fish Leong in concert during the weekend in Hong Kong.

Some pics from Fish Leong's concert in the newly renovated Hung Hum Coliseum in Hong Kong on March 15, 2009. -If I remember clearly, her theme was something like 'White Valentines'.

Me and LinLin got pretty good seats for HKD500, although it was at the side..but unfortunately Fish Leong hardly looked our side and I hardly got any front view shots of her.  Although not as entertaining as Lee Hom's concert which I went with Lin Lin in Cotai Arena at the Venetian Macau, it was nonetheless pretty good and a surprise or two were thrown in.  She rendered most of her classics like 'Yong Qi' (Courage) and 'Fen Shou Kuai Le'(Happiness when broken up).

A packed coliseum.....

Perhaps one of the highlight of the night was the acrobatic duo from Beijing!!

I was really fascinated by their stunts and they were moving so swiftly, my Ixus could not catch a good view of them hanging mid-air with their stunts.
And guess who she had as guest artist!!! None other than Leo Ku!!!!

And dressed very casually for the ENCORE!!!

And this is my all time favourite song from her. 属于. Too bad the fler who recommended this song to me ain't here to experience her concert too!!

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