Monday, August 31, 2009

HAPPY MERDEKA DAY all my fellow Malaysians!
Whilst everyone has been out partying hard on the eve and probably enjoying their smokes over coffee at Starbucks this very moment, I'm stuck in Singapore working!
Oh boy! That's life.
Enjoy the last day of this long weekend peeps!

And....we made it to Forbes (sarcasm intended - read this article , good one!)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Restoran 2008 Snow Beer

2 guys, 1 girl and not in a pizza place but a coffee shop which serves baked salted fish or better known as 'shuet san fei wu'. Yum yum, I love the fish - this is the second time in my life I'm trying this!

That's where I spent my Friday night. Not clubbing, not at some high end bar..but sitting down in a coffee shop with my 2 mates from Japanese Class drinking beer, just like those middle aged, big bellied uncles having a night away from their wives ranting about their businesses and chain smoking away.

I'm a big fan of snow beer, but have yet to find a place in KL (was firstly introduced to it in Ipoh) when Koji recommended this place in Cheras, Restoran 2008 Snow Beer. So after much talk, we finally headed there late last night. Beer glasses are chilled to a certain temperature so much so when beer is poured into the glasses, the foam rises until snowy like. (I guess this is how to explain the texture of the foam and the effect of very very cold beer glasses as seen from the picture below)

But the beer in the glasses hve to be finished really quickly or else it becomes nothing more than you ordinary chilled beer. See pics below. Jayson trying his hand at being a professional photographer with my Lumix LX3.

Was a good night to catch up with my friends as well as exchange souvenirs time! Here's my erm..face mask for them from Hanoi...
and here's a cutesy pocket mirror from Jayson as a farewell gift from our Japanese class which ended last semester.
This snow beer place is a good place if you would like to try something different- after the heavy downpour, the weather had cooled down drastically and felt really good to sit in the outdoors with a glass of beer! We have yet to try other food as we were still full from dinner (and to minimise people crticising that I'm fat if I ordered more snacks). We had I think about 5 big bottles of Carlsberg and 2 fish. Bill came up to about RM120.
Having an awful sense of direction, I made Jayson drive, so can't give exactly good directions. But here's the address anyway:
Block C, 20-0-8, Jalan 2/101C
Cheras Business Centre
56100 Kuala Lumpur
5pm-2am (Closed on 1st and 3rd Sundays)
Call: Mel 012 313 1127 or Danny 012 231 7479
Let's end this post with a picture of McDonalds on Brigade Road in Bangalore, India - which only serves Chicken and Fish and of course vegetarian burgers. I have this habit of snapping pics of McDees whenever I travel.
XOXO See y'all in Singapore!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bengaluru Airport

I arrived at the airport 3 hours before time because some silly people told me that it would take me 1 1/2 hours to get here and apparently I need to check in 3 hours earlier as well.

Thank god they have 1 hr free internet usage.

And guess what - I believe it's FATE. Mr Drop Dead Gorgeous from my earlier posts is on the SAME FLIGHT BACK - saw him at the Sports Bar Cafe. I think I'm going to faint. Oh my he comes to the boarding gate!!! Let me go slap on that mascara and some lip gloss first and muster enough courage to approcah him whoaaahahhahahaha.

See you all back in KL for that pint of Guinness and Spicy Wings tomorrow!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sightseeing in Bangalore

When you're alone in a foreign land like Bangalore for 10 days of work, which is defintely not a tourist destination and somewhere I would not pay money to visit, what could be in store for the weekend. Sightseeing of their so-called touristy spots lor - after all I've been to Mysore 2 years ago during my first business trip to Indian (and the Mysore palace is gorgeous!!!)! I was fortunate to have the client arrange a one day tour for me around the city with a driver who spoke English with such a deep Indian accent, I totally gave up trying to understand him after a while!

The day started at 9.30 and I was whisked off in a Tata, a locally produced car with Mr Guru (yeah he has a pretty lengthy name gurusomethingsomething prasad), my guide cum driver.

First stop, the government musuem on Kasturba Road and the Venkatappa Art Gallery. Established in 1886, it is the oldest museum in the country with a wide variety from the past- terracotta models, pottery, copper plates, weapons and so forth. I must say that I was a bit disappointed with the maintenance of the museum. Artifacts were showcased behind glass windows that were cracked while some others did not have proper lighting. The art gallery displays the exclusive collection of K. Venkatappa's art works, a great artist of yesteryears, born in 1887.

Some stone carvings at the entrance of the museum
Photo taking was not allowed in the museum, but I managed to sneak a few shots.Hmm, a strange musical instrumentCubbon Park was just next door, named after Sir Mark Cubbon, Bangalore's longest serving commissioner. I am so thankful that Bangalore's weather is cooling all year round - considering I went to 3 different parks today! I'm surprised that it is the hangout place for the young and old alike, couples, kids. Definitely very different culture than in Malaysia. I think we'll melt under the KL heat first!
A statue of Krhisnaraja Wodeyar, Maharaja of Mysore from the past in Cubbon Park.
A bunch of kids, I guess, taking a stroll on Cubbon ParkI'm really curious as to why most historical buidlings are painted red, but like I said earlier, I found it almost impossible to understand my guide, therefore, could not be bothered.
Below, a picture of the High Court of Karnataka.Peddlars, just outside Cubbon ParkA 3 wheeler taxi which I believe is called the auto.
The Parliament House - Vidhana Soudha, an architetural wonder!
When I initially saw pictures on Lalbagh Garden, I was pretty impressed by all the myriad colour flowers - so was pretty excited to see it in person. Haha, but it was a different story all together when I got there. The glass house was a totally empty plot of muddy land. Wrong timing I guess. As read from the guidebook in my hotel room, 'Lalbagh is the most beautiful garden sprawling over 240 acres......raised by Haider Ali in 1760 ...... has 150 varieties of flowers and rocks believed to be 3000 million years old.' Ok la, but to give them some credit, I did in fact see some nice looking plants and flowers.Check out the floral clock at far end, which actually tells the time!The Lalbagh lake, which kinda reminds me of Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, but much smaller.Monkey eating ice cream on a tree just by the lake.The much talked about Bull Temple was one of my last few stops for the day- said to be built during the period of Kempegowda. Reading the guide book, one of the many stories regarding the origin of the big bull goes as follows: The surrounding area, known as Sunkenahalli had groundnut growing farmers. A bull started grazing on the crop, enraging a farmer who hit the bull with a club. The bull sat stunned and was suddenly transformed into a stone. The shock farmers then build a temple for the bull to atone what they had done but were shocked to see the bull frowing taller! The worried farmed then prayed to Lord Shiva who advised him to retrieve a trident buried few feet away from the bull and place it on the forehead of the stone statue to stop it from growing.
Bull Temple is a small lil temple with a bull right in the middle of the temple.
And another park outside the Bull Temple with a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
And finally, Tipu Sultan's Palace, which is made mostly of wood with finely embellished balconies, pillars and arches. This 2 storey palace served as a retreat of Tipu Sultan. Something I noticed about Bangalore or perhaps even India, foreigners and locals are charged different entry fees. My guide's entrance fee was only Rs5, while I had to pay Rs100. Strange!

Magnificient teak pillarsYup and that sums up my day tour of Bangalore! I'm exhausted and trying to get some good rest in the hotel. Gonna continue watching Drop Dead Diva series season 1(recommended by Virginia) and complete my final online exam for the fraud examination. DDD is pretty darn funny and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good laugh.
XoXo ..happy partying to my friends. Can't wait to get back, have an ice cold beer - KOJI - better bring me to that place u were telling me about last night. I hope you're not too drunk to forget which place you mentioned!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bored on Friday Night???

Try this

Big Red Button

Finally one week has come and gone. Looking forward to my sightseeing tour tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the way to work in Bangalore

Pictures were taken from inside the car because I wouldn't dare to open the car window with all the pollution and the bikes and the 3 wheeled taxis zipping in and out of the cramped roads. ( don't mind the reflection in the glass!)
A typical day in Bangalore on Banerghatta roadTraffic starts to build. It took me more than an hour to get to work yesterday (the distance of maybe from Kl Sentral to Eastin hotel) in an unusual morning rain that flooded the Banerghatta road.I can't tell if this is a pile or rubbish or a construction site.
Yeah, tell me how long you've not seen buses like this packed with passengers on their way to work!I swear I saw cows just across the road from Accenture, situated in the IT hub, dubbed the Silicon Valley of Bangalore once during my last trip back in 2007.

So, yeah thats's all folks for tonight till the weekend. I have too much time on hand now - hence the 'serve no purpose' photos being posted! Perhaps I should really consider sightseeing around Bangalore this weekend since I have already been to Mysore 2 years back...otherwise, what will I be doing stuck in the room? Talking to Bert eh!!!

Georgy's big 3-0

Georgy will turn 3-0 on Wednesday! Pictures have been posted into FB so I won't do a lot of posting here.

We celebrated his bert-day at Wei Keat's house on Saturday with a BBQ party and lots of alcochol..last yr he bragged about being THE INVINCIBLE one..but was down slumped on the sofa after 1 hr. This year he was spared the trauma!

This is the first day of my 2 weeks stint in Bangalore alone on job..and I saw a damn bloody good looking Indian on the flight enroute from KL-Bangalore -me on 22C and him on 23D fuiyoh..just across the aisle! Whoaaa!! I probably look a bit retarded by looking back over my shoulder the entire 3 1/2 hrs flight. He's no Sharukh Khan but ermm like Calene puts it...looking at him is as if time has stopped moving..whoaa!! Fair, well built, tall, speaks flawless English and most importantly not that hairy!

Been dreamily telling all my frens about him and these are all the responses I got from them:-

-never accidentally fall on him while going to toilet?

-drop a hanky in his way!

-just give him ur phone number directly and tell him 'Call me'

Anyway, attention away from Mr Drop Dead Gorgeous. Here's wishing G an early bert-day cause I'm too cheapskate to spend RM2.50 on one sms to him!!!!(Sorry had to divert the attention away from G's big 3-0!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Maid of Honour from Hell!

I've got two good friend's wedding coming up in the next few months. Seems like everyone has been busy, busy and I've immersed myself in wedding talk for the last couple of weeks. Many things have been finalised and we're just waiting for that hen's night out to Bangkok without the boys of course! Papa Ian seemed pleased at the thought that Mama Juliet would be gone for 3 whole days where he can actually spend quality time with the boys going ahem, get this...'FISHING'! How very interesting.

Thanks to Mary, who is Laura's MOH, who has painstakingly come up with a comprehensive wedding itinery and planning list from the morning tea ceremony to the church wedding to the dinner prep, my life has been made much simpler planning Lin and Loong's BIG DAY!

I've been put in charge of coming up with the games for Laura's husband, Mr Heong to be on the morning itself and Laura has gladly given permission to play anything...wheeet rubbing my hands with glee. But I've decided not to be a bitch to Loong (thank you for bribing me with that Japanese meal) and let nice Sue Ann take charge of the games for Lin and Loong's wedding! She reckons she should be an angel! But give and take - if we hold back a little on the games, then of course we expect more little packets containing BIG money right and who else better to do the job then our 'Tai kar Che' Laura who did an amazing job at Juliet and Ian's wedding!

Anyway, pic above is just a SNEAK preview of the very classy Jimmy Choo Lin got for their wedding. Hmm..I wouldn't mind a hand me down when I find my Mr Right...muahahahahhh. Loong would probably faint when he hears how much the shoes cost her - but I ain't telling. The shopaholic' pact!

Monday, August 10, 2009

happy Bert-day mama!!

Today is Mama's XX birthday. Let's just assume she turns sweet 18 today!

We had a small gathering for her at ..err where else..Deustche with one slice of cake as a birthday cake and 1 candle. And yeah..that's again Papa trying to keep the candle from going off! Chocolate Moist Cake from Alexis - yum yum

But nevertheless, it was a fun night out.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nicholas Teo

A big fan of Nicholas Teo, I've always missed the opportunity to meet the man himself when he's down in KL. It's because I'm always travellliiinnnnnggg.... sigh..and considering I know someone who works with him. Sighhhhh!!!

But anyway, thanks CY for getting this signed CD copy for me!!! I've got a few at home but never the chance to see him in person.

I'm happy like a 18 yr old obsessed fan!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I love nice cars!

I have been single for over a year now and a kind soul has offered to marry me if I am still single by 32. Oh so kind (sarcasm intended)....and here I am repaying his kindness with pictures of his favourite Evo X taken at Singapore (behind the glass window). Sorry..the EVO X was the car in the showroom I was too paiseh to take pictues pls make do with just your ordinary Lancer....

And get ready for the concept car Citroen Metisse.

It scarily resembles a space craft.
But I would love to own one...

Whoa..just check out the interior

And here's goodnight to you folks...I will be back to KL tomorrow. Haha and I gotta admit I finally bought 1 skirt from Southaven and 1 top from BYSI. So much from refraining from shopping.....