Saturday, August 29, 2009

Restoran 2008 Snow Beer

2 guys, 1 girl and not in a pizza place but a coffee shop which serves baked salted fish or better known as 'shuet san fei wu'. Yum yum, I love the fish - this is the second time in my life I'm trying this!

That's where I spent my Friday night. Not clubbing, not at some high end bar..but sitting down in a coffee shop with my 2 mates from Japanese Class drinking beer, just like those middle aged, big bellied uncles having a night away from their wives ranting about their businesses and chain smoking away.

I'm a big fan of snow beer, but have yet to find a place in KL (was firstly introduced to it in Ipoh) when Koji recommended this place in Cheras, Restoran 2008 Snow Beer. So after much talk, we finally headed there late last night. Beer glasses are chilled to a certain temperature so much so when beer is poured into the glasses, the foam rises until snowy like. (I guess this is how to explain the texture of the foam and the effect of very very cold beer glasses as seen from the picture below)

But the beer in the glasses hve to be finished really quickly or else it becomes nothing more than you ordinary chilled beer. See pics below. Jayson trying his hand at being a professional photographer with my Lumix LX3.

Was a good night to catch up with my friends as well as exchange souvenirs time! Here's my erm..face mask for them from Hanoi...
and here's a cutesy pocket mirror from Jayson as a farewell gift from our Japanese class which ended last semester.
This snow beer place is a good place if you would like to try something different- after the heavy downpour, the weather had cooled down drastically and felt really good to sit in the outdoors with a glass of beer! We have yet to try other food as we were still full from dinner (and to minimise people crticising that I'm fat if I ordered more snacks). We had I think about 5 big bottles of Carlsberg and 2 fish. Bill came up to about RM120.
Having an awful sense of direction, I made Jayson drive, so can't give exactly good directions. But here's the address anyway:
Block C, 20-0-8, Jalan 2/101C
Cheras Business Centre
56100 Kuala Lumpur
5pm-2am (Closed on 1st and 3rd Sundays)
Call: Mel 012 313 1127 or Danny 012 231 7479
Let's end this post with a picture of McDonalds on Brigade Road in Bangalore, India - which only serves Chicken and Fish and of course vegetarian burgers. I have this habit of snapping pics of McDees whenever I travel.
XOXO See y'all in Singapore!

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