Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Maid of Honour from Hell!

I've got two good friend's wedding coming up in the next few months. Seems like everyone has been busy, busy and I've immersed myself in wedding talk for the last couple of weeks. Many things have been finalised and we're just waiting for that hen's night out to Bangkok without the boys of course! Papa Ian seemed pleased at the thought that Mama Juliet would be gone for 3 whole days where he can actually spend quality time with the boys going ahem, get this...'FISHING'! How very interesting.

Thanks to Mary, who is Laura's MOH, who has painstakingly come up with a comprehensive wedding itinery and planning list from the morning tea ceremony to the church wedding to the dinner prep, my life has been made much simpler planning Lin and Loong's BIG DAY!

I've been put in charge of coming up with the games for Laura's husband, Mr Heong to be on the morning itself and Laura has gladly given permission to play anything...wheeet rubbing my hands with glee. But I've decided not to be a bitch to Loong (thank you for bribing me with that Japanese meal) and let nice Sue Ann take charge of the games for Lin and Loong's wedding! She reckons she should be an angel! But give and take - if we hold back a little on the games, then of course we expect more little packets containing BIG money right and who else better to do the job then our 'Tai kar Che' Laura who did an amazing job at Juliet and Ian's wedding!

Anyway, pic above is just a SNEAK preview of the very classy Jimmy Choo Lin got for their wedding. Hmm..I wouldn't mind a hand me down when I find my Mr Right...muahahahahhh. Loong would probably faint when he hears how much the shoes cost her - but I ain't telling. The shopaholic' pact!

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