Sunday, August 2, 2009

You know you're a bimbo when....

You turn up late to a birthday party / farewell party of an acquaintance to find that his cousin has bought him a bottle of expensive champagne. It is not opened when you arrive but just in time for the waiter to bring some glasses but none for you and your friend who arrived late. Your friend gets excited and remarks, 'Champagne!!!'

You assume she must have just 'overlooked' the two of you. But no, after second glass she's bitching aboout having no strawberries to go with it and conveniently forgets both your existence.

So you and your friend decide that she's being a tight arse and decide to order your own Tiger. The waiter asks the host's cousin if the Tiger were to be in one bill. Bitchy cousin then replies really loudly, as if afraid you may not get the hint or you may not be able to afford the two glasses of beer as compared to her oh-so-expensive champagne but obviously not a Dom Perignon, 'Seperate PUh-LLEAASEEE'.

Throughout the night she then gives the both of you menacing and cock stares while you talk to the guy beside as if you're her biggest competitor for guy attention.

With sagging assets, I am surprised, she still has the decency to flaunt it in that cute guy's face....


Cassie said...

Didn't even bother to offer eh?

so rude, dunno how to respect the elders..

somemore she so fugly

not alchy said...

photo pls!

Siao Yue said...

cassie: I bet you had an experience right!!!!

not alchy: don't spoil your eyes