Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mother Care - Mid Valley Mega Mall

** Bitch mode ON**

I went to MotherCare in MidValley last night to get a gift for my friend, YS's baby girl.

I saw a 4 piece baby clothes that I thought would be a perfect gift for her. Being short as I am, I was just barely reaching the top rack of baby clohtes hanging on the hangers. Lazy to tiptoe, I decided to get help from the sales girl standing beside me that was looking like a 'dummy'.

Me: Excuse me, can you please help me get this (pointing to the style I liked) for 3-6 months old.
Sales girl started searching the clothes line for the sizes (there has to be at least 20 more in stock hanging on the clohtes line)

*** After about 1 minute***

Sales girl: Sorry tak de la (don't have). We need the baby's weight .. our clohtes go by baby's weight.

Me: (Thinking already WTF..this is really the first time I heard baby clothes go by weight of the baby!!).

So I decided to search for the clothes myself. I mean what are the chances. There are about 20 pieces left hanging and there's none for babies 3-6 months old??

After what seemed like 5 seconds...I found exactly what I was looking for. And then I showed Ms Blur.

I then took a closer look at the prints on the hanger and noticed that there was actually an indication of the baby's weight at a particular age for the recommended size and about 2 inches below that the age of the baby was stated in BIG PRINT (3-6 MONTHS). Ms. Blur must have missed that bit out and only saw the weight and jumped to conclusion that the right size for babies clohtes can only be obtained if we have the baby's weight. Well at least she was decent enough to apologize but I doubt it was for her stupidity.

Seriously, I wonder how she got recruited. Any sane thinking person WOULD KNOW that you don't choose clothes based on YOUR WEIGHT - be it adult, children or babies!!!

Stay tuned for my post sometime within the next 2 weeks on the True-Spa voucher that I won from the malaysian women's weekly! Total RIP OFF spelt with a capital R-I-P O-F-F


Sass said...

its called laziness! making excuse so she just doesn't have to look.

there was once when i was in kl and i asked this shop assistant if they had clothes for premature babies.

the babi was standing there staring into space didn't smile at us when we walked in.

she said very very loudly "WHAT? Premature? What premature????" (as if we were idiots)

my friend replied "you know smaller babies?"

babi responded "ya i know premature but what you want. don't have la" then rolled her eyes.

talk abt msian hospitality. embarassing!!!

all the SAs stand around thinking like they are too good to be there. well they are good for nothing!!!

Siao Yue said...

sass: haha yeah only yesterday i noticed that they do really have clothes for premature babies while baby clothes shopping. U know maybe the dumb tweet was too dumb to understand the word pre-mature, next time use la some simple england like babies born before 9 months is up. U maybe 6 or 7 months then come out from the mother's stomach. Bisa tak!!

This one is not malaysian hospitality. This is called 'Malaysia Boleh' wei!! way to go orang Indo!! HA HA HA

Sunshine said...

Ehh people!!What do you guys want from people who just earn minimum wage??college grad!!:P..

I don't know why the SA's suck!!In KL if I go shopping with Andy he gets treated like a KING but I'm just like the person by the side of him!!argghhh!!*&)& Dumb people!!!

Anonymous said...

"Any sane thinking person WOULD KNOW that you don't choose clothes based on YOUR WEIGHT - be it adult, children or babies!!!"

Excuse me?? You're telling me that as an adult, I should shop for Age XX clothes, regardless of whether I'm as skinny as a stick or as large as a whale?

Siao Yue said...

sunshine: that's malaysia boleh for u again!

kev: should go by sizes!!! then..nobody buys clohtes by going to i am 45 Kg..have arms like broom stick...rihggttttt ..for males its prob like S,M,L or maybe for u...XXS laaaa

Siannn said...

This is very common when SA just can't be bother to help you find. That's why I rather go find it myself even if have to go through each rack. Asking them is like asking the wall.