Sunday, July 26, 2009

Q Bean in IOI Puchong Mall

On a lazy Sunday, I went to Jack and Ken's Q Bean stall in Puchong IOI Mall after missing out on the opening couple of weeks back. Not that hard to locate, I managed to find it after 5 minutes upon entering the mall for the first time (opposite shakeys and beside Kwong Woh Tong). I was surprised to see that a queue had already formed outside his shop. For a new tenant to the mall, the shop seems to be doing well - I guess people are opting for healthier snack options nowadays.

His stall boasts all natural, no preservatives, and freshly made beverage and food.

The extensive menu of the stall, which includes freshly made soy bean (plain or with toppings such as Q Jelly and pearls), soy bean ice cream, tau foo far, ice blended and both sweet & savoury pancakes.

As my stomach wouldn't permit me to eat much more after lunch, I just had a bite of the curry chicken and sweet corn pancake. I would have loved to try the sardines and tuna. Generous in toppings with rich tasting pancake - it's a must have for your afternoon tea time snack or light meal.
The variety of drinks served at Q bean. After many weeks of being his guinea pig and countless comments from friends alike, I guess jack jack finally found the soy bean that would suit the taste of his consumers.

At the peak hour, all were hard at work, including 'da boss' himself. I now realize that it would probably take an hour plus to manually prepare and grind soy till it becomes soy bean milk.
Here's a picture of the proud co-owner of Q Beans - jack jack. He wouldn't give me one of those cute polo t-shirt bearing the Q-Bean logo!!!
And here's a picture of me with the soy bean ice cream. It's something that you have to try!! Dee-lee-cious!! Better than your McDees soft serve cone and guaranteed healthy!!!

I noticed that I do have some readers in the Puchong area. So if you happen to be near, just go try out some of the stuff they have there!
Now here's me signing off with a picture of the Kelana Jaya lake taken during happy hour and preparing for another week of hard work.......XoXo


Tian Ek said...

i truly agree with you. Q-bean is fantastic, especially the ice-cream and soya milk!

Actually if the boss is interested of franchising it, i would like to be the franchisee of Q-bean. Not sure whether you can give me his contact so that i can discuss with him more?

Siao Yue said...

tian ek: no worries..i will let him know...and if he's interested i'll pass u his contacts.....

Siao Yue said...

tian ek: not sure if u read this post do we contact u?

Dennis & Maricel said...

We live in Penang and are frequent visitors to the Q Bean in Queensbay Mall. I am a huge fan of their ice cream and bean curd. The taste is so unique and here Kimberly Street is 'Famous' for bean curd but it is a very poor contender for that title. My wife and i would like to Franchise and open up in The Philippines (my wife is Filipino) where we already have some business. Appreciate you mentioning to Jack if he is interested.

Thank you
Dennis & Maricel O'Brien
H/P 0124939297

Gupppy said...

Hi Siao Yue, mind to pm me the boss contact? I'm interested in the franchising.


Siao Yue said...

gupppy: i cant' contact u as u have not left any contact details