Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final post for Hanoi - foodie pics!!!

Our guides from Hanoi Kids took us to this popular ice cream joint in the old quarters to cool us down from the sweltering heat on the very first day we arrived.
Chocolate ice-cream that tastes heavenly when you've walked the whole afternoon where the temperature is about 32 degrees.

Our guides also took us to a local restaurant where they served icky stuff like this. None of us was game to try it though.

Stuffed Crabs..nothing to shout about
On the last night, we wanted something really tradtional and local, so our guides took us to another local restuarant.

Rice paper rolls with Viet restaurant in Malaysia can whip up a dish like this. I think I had about 4-5 rolls.
Deep Fried Corn till golden

Beef dish with donuts.. they look like something from our local 'dai chow'
Throughout the entire trip, something I enjoyed tremendously would have been the 'Cha Ca' - a grilled fish dish with noodles.

How the end product should look like on your bowl. However, I must say that the entire meal was pretty costly for Vietnamese standard - either that or we must have ate A LOT. Simple meal for 7 of us came up to about USD29.

So, there you go folks. That sums up my Hanoi trip. And I'll be off to Jakarta and Bali for 3 whole weeks for work starting tomorrow!!!

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