Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I miss home...

3 weeks in Indonesia ..another 1 1/2 weeks more to go!!!!!

I miss my bed

I miss all the Bert's on my display cabinet

I miss mom's soup

I miss sitting on my bean bag watching my TVB series

I miss my Bhranga classes

I miss drinking and talk cock sessions with Cal and Georgy Porgy

I miss my midnight 'boiling porridge' talk cock time and the freedom to sms at only 5 cents per sms

I miss my lazy Saturday lunches

I miss steamboat/ BBQ at jacko's place

I miss Deustche Gasthaus

Ah....2 more days!!!


calene said...

tomorrow you be back!

and we can have chicken wings!

so don't be tired coz have to call georgy out too ^_^

Siao Yue said...

cal: yessss...but let me pls have my chinese dinner first.....hahahahahadeustche yeaahh..nearby only

Siao Yue said...
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