Friday, July 17, 2009

Bali No More?!?

Part 2

**Update 7.23pm local time: We have decided not to check out of the hotel but stay put our asses in the hotel as almost everyone has told us that it would be safe in the Shangri-la. Just as we entered the hotel, I could see like 3 'Polisi' cars outside and somehow they seem to have beefed up security at the entrance into the hotel lobby.

A chilling thought sent shivers down my spine. Was told by some colleagues today that we were originally meant to stay at the Ritz Carlton for the entire two weeks. I thank god we chose Shangri-la instead and that our counterpart in Jakarta starts work at 7.30 am. Even if we would have stayed there, we would have been on the way to work..and I was complaining about the ungodly work hours!

I pray for all those who have lost their lives in this inhumane bombing and hope that the rumours of the 6 more bombs are untrue.

**XOXO...time for even some hammering sounds from the room above me would make me jump. To be better safe than sorry, however, my colleague and I are taking that extra measure to have room service.

Part 1

Just this morning, I was excited about going to Bali. Now at 5pm local time, I'm praying that there will be no more bombs after the Mariott and Ritz-Carlton. Although we're about 15 minutes away, at the Shangri-La, which is owned by Malaysian Robert Kwok, I think it would be safer to check out of hotels anyway and stay in some local area, give you that peace of mind. Have been sent some pretty gruesome pictures of the bombing but not gonna post it here.

Sass, and we thought the gun incident was scary shit last year !!! Hmm....

If I do make it to Kuta beach tomorrow evening, I'll probably be staying put in the hotel.........otherwise see you soon in KL! And all flights out from Jkt to KL are fully booked. Crazy!

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