Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back from Siem Reap!!!!

More pics to come in the next few days. Need to get my beauty rest, facial, pics all sorted first...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Siam Reap, here I come

Will leave for the airport very early Wednesday no blogging as I've decided not to bring my laptop around with me.

Pictures of the trip will come once I'm back in town!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food on Board MAS

Will you just look at this crap served on board our national carrier, Malaysian Airlines.

This is apparently chicken with steam rice!

Taken from my flight from Bangkok to KL last Friday.

Friday, January 22, 2010

T&K Seafood, Chinatown, Bangkok

We spotted this really busy seafood restaurant off a lane in Chinatown after our roadside 100 baht fish maw soup snack last weekend. Had to wait approximately 20 minutes, but just look at the seafood on the grill and you'll immediately decide it's worth the wait!

(Address and phone number as obtained from Trip Advisor) 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand
02-2234519 )

Because it was so crowded, we had to settle for 'tatami' styled seats on this litle area between the 1st and 2nd floor. Not a very comfortable experience I would say.

Will you just look at those prawns being grilled. If I am not mistaken, they cost only around 30 baht per prawn. (RM3 ..tell me, is this possible in KL???)
And those crabs....yum!!!
Tangy and fresh...

Omelette with oysters. Again, look at the size and generous servings of oysters compared to the scrawny looking ones we get here. Not to mention that the taste was not too bad too!

My fav, CRABS!!! Although there were a bit small in size and not as meaty compared to those we saw on the grill.
...additional stuff we ordered, after we did not get enough - stuffed crabs.
and the fish baked with salt.
and what better way to end your dessert than with bird's nest! Yummmm at only 100 baht per bowl
BTW, they have very delicious crab fried rice too!
Price came up to approximately 1900 baht for 4 people which is pretty reasonable for the amount of seafood we had.
Ambience: 5/10
Price: 7/10
Service: 6/10
Food: 7/10

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yet another scam in the market

Today I received a call from +60321788888.

Picked it up (yes roaming, damn - cause the number looked horribly like the HSBC card centre chasing me for my credit card payments).

Funny sounding voicemail from a lady with strong Chinese accent telling me I owe Am bank RM3800 for some transaction. Strange, I thought since I did not have an Am Bank CC.

It mentioned something like press 3 to confirm, and 9 to speak to an operator. I pressed 9 and the phone immediately got disconnected. I then googled this number and found out there's another scam going around. Damnit, just wasted my phone bill picking up calls in Bangkok!

So if you receive a call from such a number and DO NOT HAVE AN AMBANK CC, don't bother picking up or u could, just to have some fun with these buggers!

Hmm, even Sporty Bert (my latest addition thanks to a kind friend who got me this knowing that my one and only original 'old' Bert has been sent to Melbourne to fix up his nose, which I won't be seeing him for at least 3 months) is frowning at my stupidity for even taking my time to press 9. With such a heavy Chinese Accent, first instinct should tell you it's one of those scams.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is me

Michael Ruslim

Condolences to the family of Michael Ruslim, President of PT Astra International who passed away this morning in Singapore from dengue fever.

This is really shocking news for all of us.....

Random Pics Of Bangkok

I got a comment recently that the sole purpose of the LX3 is to take foodie pics. Well, that is not exactly true but it's just that I've had the chance to taste some really fantastic stuff lately, it'll be a waste not blogging about it!
Just to proove the above statement ain't exactly all true, here are some other pics (not many though).

Before I moved into the Westin hotel, I stayed a night in a boutique hotel on Soi 8, Sukhumvit, the Salil Hotel. Really nothing to shout about, but it's a clean, small, comfortable hotel in what I would call, a relatively 'dodgy' area - with the stereotype old white men with young thai chics walking along the 1km path leading to our hotel. Plus point though, free shuttle service is provided to the main road, saving you the torture of walking that 1 km stretch under scorching Bangkok sun. (Although I have to admit, I did not see any white men with their 'escorts' in our hotel as compared with the Dawin Nana, which I stayed at couple of months back)

What's my alien card no?

Made a trip to RCA this round. Never really heard of this place until my last trip down here in September. And chanced upon this rather new premium blond beer, Federbrau (literally means 'feather brew', translated from German). Not too heavy, and somehow I felt like it had a sweet aftertaste, most suited for the ladies. Stangely enough though, I thought the draft and bottle had totally different tastes. (with the taste from the bottle much better)

XoXo, one more foodie post from Bangkok and that would sum up my Bangkok work trip. Much, much poorer after many dresses later from Chatuchak and Suan Lum, shopping spreeeeeeee at Boots, Robinsons, (no shoes, thank god)...I'll be back on Friday night in time for Sugus' wedding on Saturday.

My girlfriends can't stand the smell of Jasmine, commenting it smells too 'Indian'. The last trip in September, they forbade me to get the Jasmine moisturizer. Haha, without them this round, I'm coming home with 3 tubs of Jasmine moisturizers, something I have never seen in KL!!

p/S: If you happen to be at Sukhumvit area, drop by Suda Restaurant at Soi 14 for affordable yet very delicious Thai food. Can't be taking pics when you're lunching with your client! The shop looks like our local 'dai chao' shops 'cept they serve authentic Thai cooking!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Som Tam Nua

A little gem in Siam Square. This restuarant, located in Siam Square Soi 5 mainly caters to the local palate and it's so good, I had to visit the restaurant twice, despite the queue. Although I went at rather odd hours both times, after 1.3-pm on a Saturday and after 8pm last night, we still had to queue for at least 20 minutes.

Almost every dish in this place is mouth watering, spicy enough and needless to say, very delicious. The dishes do not come in big portions, so there's a variety you can try even with 2 people, although there's not really a very wide variety to choose from.
Some of the thai food in Som Tam I can't get enough of:
Spicy Chicken Soup. Sour and Spicy - great way to start the meal and build up a huge appetite.

Pork Neck Salad. Tender slices of pork, laced with coriander, peanuts, chilli, lime, fish sauce and onions.

Minced pork salad.
This is an absolutely MUST HAVE. Almost every table we saw on both nights, had a basket of fried chicken. (I found the next best thing after Ice Cold Beer Wings in Singapore). Topped with a generous serving of fried garlic, if it were not for the fear of a ever increasing cholesterol, I would have finished the whole basket alone.
Glass Noodle Salad - very spicy, but taste wise 8/10!
Another salad dish. Papaya with preserved egg. The taste of the lightly salted egg together with papaya salad, tomatoes, onions are the best combination you could get.
And last but not least, Crispy fish! The picture says it all, there's no need for further description. Fresh, and deep fried not till its too dry.
Although I won't say that it's dirt cheap for a local restaurant, but the quality and taste of food is definitely well worth the price paid and the long wait.
Next time you're in Bangkok, make sure trying out this restaurant is on you to-do list. Note though, if you're not a spicy food eater, ask them to go easy on the spicyness or be sure to order at least 3 glasses of drinks.
Ambience: 6/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: 7/10
Service: 6.5/10
Considering I was just here 3 months ago for Lin hen's night, not many new pictures to come, but I will post some when I have more time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Piece of crap emo writing from me...

He smiles, you smile.
He speaks, you grin.
He sleeps, you dream.
He teases, you blush....

He takes a step forward, you take one back.
He persists, you give in.
But when things start geting warmer,

He no longer smiles, you don't think too much,
He gets cold, you become confused.
He ignores, you worry.
He goes without conversations, you almost come down with a heart attack.

You wonder, is it me, or is it him.
The cycle repeats.
You tell yourself, 'That's it', but it's never 'Really that's it'

Oh well, that's life.

XoXo..goodnight folks! Last night in Hong Kong. Back to unpack and pack again for Bangkok.

Monday, January 11, 2010

View of Hong Kong

I apologize for the lack of posts lately as I have been really busy/ lazy since the Christmas Break.
Currently in Hong Kong for a week for job training (only able to access my internet and mails at night) and above is a picture taken from the 44th floor of the Edinburgh tower in Central. Have a hectic week ahead before I'm off to Bangkok to start my very first job assignment in 2010.

Had a great weekend shopping spree for thick clothings with Lin Lin for my upcoming Europe trip as almost all my fav shops here are on 50% sale. Ahhh...the shopaholic strikes again!

..And the best part of it all, I have satisfied my craving for a good, warm and satisfying hotpot dinner in Hong Kong with friends. Yummmm!!!

Another long day I'm off to look for Mr Zhao now.....ZzZzz. Good Night Folks.

XoXo....much love!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frank in Zhongshan, China

Frank sent me these earlier just to stress how thin he's gotten after he went back to his hometown for 12 loooong days over the Christmas and New Year break!


I can't seem to download any new games onto my iPod toch 32 Gb. Everything requires an iPhone v.3.0 something like that or higher. No Puzzle Bubble..nothing.

Is this 'the calling' to upgrade my Nokia E66 or get a PSP??? Errrgghh!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

May 2010 bring you more wealth, joy and the things you've always longed for.

May all the unhappiness in 2009 be washed away and let 2010 be a good start to a brand new you!

Be good, be wise and treat others like how you would like to be treated.

Fireworks seen from Weik's house
The moon
Just remember, if you feel down, a nice. yummy dessert should be able to lift up your sprits. So let go of all the sorrows, unhappiness, forgive and forget the no-so-good things that happened in 2009!

Have a splendid long weekend. I'm gonna spend the day finishing my TVB series!!!