Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yet another scam in the market

Today I received a call from +60321788888.

Picked it up (yes roaming, damn - cause the number looked horribly like the HSBC card centre chasing me for my credit card payments).

Funny sounding voicemail from a lady with strong Chinese accent telling me I owe Am bank RM3800 for some transaction. Strange, I thought since I did not have an Am Bank CC.

It mentioned something like press 3 to confirm, and 9 to speak to an operator. I pressed 9 and the phone immediately got disconnected. I then googled this number and found out there's another scam going around. Damnit, just wasted my phone bill picking up calls in Bangkok!

So if you receive a call from such a number and DO NOT HAVE AN AMBANK CC, don't bother picking up or u could, just to have some fun with these buggers!

Hmm, even Sporty Bert (my latest addition thanks to a kind friend who got me this knowing that my one and only original 'old' Bert has been sent to Melbourne to fix up his nose, which I won't be seeing him for at least 3 months) is frowning at my stupidity for even taking my time to press 9. With such a heavy Chinese Accent, first instinct should tell you it's one of those scams.

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