Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Pics Of Bangkok

I got a comment recently that the sole purpose of the LX3 is to take foodie pics. Well, that is not exactly true but it's just that I've had the chance to taste some really fantastic stuff lately, it'll be a waste not blogging about it!
Just to proove the above statement ain't exactly all true, here are some other pics (not many though).

Before I moved into the Westin hotel, I stayed a night in a boutique hotel on Soi 8, Sukhumvit, the Salil Hotel. Really nothing to shout about, but it's a clean, small, comfortable hotel in what I would call, a relatively 'dodgy' area - with the stereotype old white men with young thai chics walking along the 1km path leading to our hotel. Plus point though, free shuttle service is provided to the main road, saving you the torture of walking that 1 km stretch under scorching Bangkok sun. (Although I have to admit, I did not see any white men with their 'escorts' in our hotel as compared with the Dawin Nana, which I stayed at couple of months back)

What's my alien card no?

Made a trip to RCA this round. Never really heard of this place until my last trip down here in September. And chanced upon this rather new premium blond beer, Federbrau (literally means 'feather brew', translated from German). Not too heavy, and somehow I felt like it had a sweet aftertaste, most suited for the ladies. Stangely enough though, I thought the draft and bottle had totally different tastes. (with the taste from the bottle much better)

XoXo, one more foodie post from Bangkok and that would sum up my Bangkok work trip. Much, much poorer after many dresses later from Chatuchak and Suan Lum, shopping spreeeeeeee at Boots, Robinsons, (no shoes, thank god)...I'll be back on Friday night in time for Sugus' wedding on Saturday.

My girlfriends can't stand the smell of Jasmine, commenting it smells too 'Indian'. The last trip in September, they forbade me to get the Jasmine moisturizer. Haha, without them this round, I'm coming home with 3 tubs of Jasmine moisturizers, something I have never seen in KL!!

p/S: If you happen to be at Sukhumvit area, drop by Suda Restaurant at Soi 14 for affordable yet very delicious Thai food. Can't be taking pics when you're lunching with your client! The shop looks like our local 'dai chao' shops 'cept they serve authentic Thai cooking!


Juke said...

interesting work and leisure u've there..hope i can swap your job wth mine. is a dull day 4me..mayb u nvr knw me but sometimes when all your closest ppl turn against u..wat wld u do? Not sure whom 2tell..since i nvr knew u & u look cheerful..hope u can put a little smile on me in someways..pray for your unknown stranger/friend here..if u can.

Bye-de-way -Wishing u & yr friends a Happy CNY.

Siao Yue said...

juke: i'm sure 2010 will be a much better year for u!!!

u stay in there!! i'm sure things will take a turn for the better!