Friday, January 15, 2010

Piece of crap emo writing from me...

He smiles, you smile.
He speaks, you grin.
He sleeps, you dream.
He teases, you blush....

He takes a step forward, you take one back.
He persists, you give in.
But when things start geting warmer,

He no longer smiles, you don't think too much,
He gets cold, you become confused.
He ignores, you worry.
He goes without conversations, you almost come down with a heart attack.

You wonder, is it me, or is it him.
The cycle repeats.
You tell yourself, 'That's it', but it's never 'Really that's it'

Oh well, that's life.

XoXo..goodnight folks! Last night in Hong Kong. Back to unpack and pack again for Bangkok.

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