Saturday, September 26, 2009

To Arthur! and Janice's Farewell

At times like this I love my Lumix LX3..

Last night we had a mini farewell for Janice, who will be heading off to Japan to further her Nihon-Go studies this coming Sunday. After dinner in USJ, we headed back to Bangsar South to meet up with George and Danny just to be told that SIDS is packed. Made a detour and headed towards Finnegans on Jalan Telawi to celebrate Arthur Guinness' 250th Birthday in style! According to my 'tong chi' Joanna, Malaysia has the 5th highest number of Guinness drinkers in the world and to think I was a real late starter (ahem..influenced again by my alchy friend whose name starts with the capital C)

I was also told that in European countries, only fat, old women drink Guinness. So to all the hot chics back home good on ya!

Priced at RM11 nett for 1/2 pint, we drank like there's no tomorrow (I wish!). Was a good night out with lots of pictures taken and Jayson happily snapping away with his brand new RM3800 Olympus camera (which Khoo-san reminding us repeatedly ..RM3800...RM3800)

While Calene is holidaying away in Salzburg this weekend, the rest of us back home are keeping ourselves contented with our fix of Guinness. (hehe..don't u miss us back home Cal)

Here's a group pose of my classmates from Jap class (Back L-R (backsides facing the camera):- Jayson, Loo Moon and Sammi Front L-R: yours truly, Khoo and the lucky girl who's going to Japan, Janice)
Here's the Rm3800 Olympus camera. Jayson's new baby apart from his Tofu Car (think jay Chou in Initial D)

And finally, here's a picture of the very bloated George and me..
Here's wishing Janice a safe trip to Japan and don't forget our 'omiyage' when you're back in town!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lin's Hens Night in Bangkok

3 days just came and went. This is perhaps one of the most fun trips I've had with the girls. Shopping, food and drinking. Did not take many pictures this round and most of them would be up in Facebook or just wait from a post from Sue Ann (making her virgin trip to Bangkok with her G10)!

This is us just arriving on Air Asia waiting for our luggages, all hyped and ready to bring Angeline down .....muahahhaah

After all the shopping at Suan Lum night market, Chatuchak market and massage, it was time for the pah -tay!!!
A still-sober Angeline during our dinner in Chinatown on Sunday night.

We chose the very posh SkyBar to celebrate the night.

Her first very simple easy peasy task - to down her girly Passion Fruit Margarita. Then came the real deal! Scanning the place, we found most people who either came in pairs or old balding men. Our best bet would have been Thijs from Amsterdam. Sue Ann decided that she would go up to him to find out ten things. But we got more than we bargained for - HA HA, she brought him back to hang out with 5 crazy Malaysian chickadees!
Drink prices were ridiculously priced, but I guess it's the ambience you're paying for. A glass of cocktail averages about RM48.
Here's a picture of Lin gladly sipping her B52 and the rest looking on! Mama is checking to make sure not one drop is left. I wonder why that sad face on Sue Ann - should have gotten her one too maybe! (This is the Angeline with the Devil's horns)

Our group picture - check out those bunny ears! Aren't they cute!

The view from the outdoor sky bar on the 64th floor. Simply amazing. We had simply no idea why Angeline was in such deep thoughts!

The dome from on the 64th floor. Inside - where we partied! Cool eh!

Lin KO-ed after 2 cocktails and 2 shots (the B52 and Sambuca Jagermeister). So after we tucked her nicely in bed, Joanna, Sue Ann, myself and Thijs went to a dodgy bar down the road from our hotel in Soi 4, Sukhumvit where the average guy was above 40s, balding and with such huge bellies it could have passed off as a 9 month pregnant woman (if they had a wig on). Each man had at least 2 ladies or maybe even 'ladies' all over them.
Night ended around 4am Malaysian time and the next day, the 5 zombies headed to Siam Paragon for some brunch and last minute shopping:- mama and myself continued our shopping spree at Boots for toiletries, Sue Ann headed straight for the bikini, swimwear section (even after 6 bikinis purchased the 2 days before), Lin - still looking for her pink pyjamas and Joanna at the branded stuff at Paragon. (Somehow I feel like RM's wife in the picture below with the red Crocs and the yellow T-Shirt)
Look at all the tired faces but no doubt it has been one of the best short trips I've had in a long time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Kev!!!

Today is Kev's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Kev...Miss Ya Heaps back here!
Hope you have a great night out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hanamco - The Alcoholic's Haven

Stuck at Changi Village Hotel, 30 minutes away from civilization, from the shopping streets of Orchard Road, from the happening night life at Clark Quay - what else can you do when you're stuck with 2 other colleagues with your only entertainment are the local bars and cafe down the road from the hotel!

So this is exactly what we did. Head down to the neighbourhood bar, Hanamco - multi tap bar restaurant for a couple of beers. What caught my attention was the James Squire - Buy 2 bottles for SGD23.90 and get a free plate of what else, my fav wingssss!

The happy hour rates at the bar....if only we had sucH prices in KL for imported beers, I'd probably be drunk 24/7. Ahhhhh Victoria Bitter..makes me wonder what my dream guy (the Indian dude) is doing in Melbourne at this very hour..HAHA

We opted for Silly Saison, a Belgium beer first as many of the draft beer were not available. As recommended by the waiter, 'Creamy, fruity taste with a hint of bitterness'. The first gulp after a hard day's work - heavenly. The only downside, it did have that bitter aftertaste.
Being the Kiasu people as we are, we had 2 bottles of the James Squire Golden Ale- an Aussie beer. It just gets better doesn't it! Strangely, I've never tried this nor seen this during my studies in Melbourne. Fresh and fruity brew with a dry finish - just perfect for a lazy Thursday night (minus the mozzies of course!).
Finally, we had our 3rd and final jug- yet another Aussie product, Pure Blonde - low carbs beer product. Suitable for ppl like me who desperately want to shed some pounds but without that WILLPOWER!!! Light, crisp and aromatic, just perfect to finish off the night and not getting you too drunk.

Suddenly I sound like a beer promoter girl with my tight minis! Urrghh!

Bill came up to about SDG61 for the night. Pretty good deal huh!

Just some final pics of the fridge filled with all kinds of beer. Really the alcoholic's saviour after a week in a god forsaken place!!

Back to KL tomorrow..wheee wheetttt...and off to Bangkok with the bia****s for Lin's hen's night for 3 days! Till then adios readers.

XoXo...doing a second check of this post in case Mr Perfecto England Jim Lai comments on my Not-so-perfect-english

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shakoor's Video Shoot

Ok these are really BAD shots...but this is what happens when you go out to experience what it's really like at a shooting scene and forget you LX3.

Here I am at Mist on a Sunday morning to see Shakoor shooting the video for his first single, 'Bhranga Hip Hop' (I hope this is what it's called). It's already out on our local stations but I only managed to listen to it this morning for the very first time, during the shoot. It's like a mix of hip hop and Bhranga together with some really groovy dance moves - the video. My 3 seconds of fame came when I was pulled (conned!!) to do a 8 step Bhranga dance! And I know I suck -yeah..apparently there's a video clip of me doing it but I haven't gotten hold of it yet.

Here's da man himself who did not shave for months just to get this look for the shoot!
Wish I could have stayed a bit longer but mua is rushing off to the airport for my flight to Singapore later. look out for this catchy lil song on you local radio stations! No disappointments!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Da German Bert

Oooh....the suicidal Bert has been rescued. Cal couldn't bear to see him hanging by the awning, she bribed the guy at the Carnival to sell Bert to her for Euro 15 (she would tell you I gave her that brilliant idea!!) , after spending an embarassing amount of money on the something-throw- ball-at-bottles game (if I remember clearly), which of course turned out 'unfruitful'. He's gonnna be miiiiinnnnnneeeee in exactly 2 months and less than 18 days! She looks strangely excited and Bert has that cheeky grin although being strangled. I wonder what goes on behind locked doors!

And then I realize I have really weird friends - I call them the 'hallucinators'. Cal thinks Bert would make a good bartender. (See pic above). Yeah...Bert is a genius in mixing a bloody good Bloody Mary.

Then there's George who thinks that Bert has his own 'Bert-pod', likes 'chics' as much as him and is an alchy!

And not forgetting horsey-face who thinks he can murder Bert (yeah...and apparently Bert can die) and bury him in the beach during our Hanoi trip!

Cheap Tasty Seafood.....

at Restoran Tak Fook HK Seafood (I have blogged about this restaurant before in the past but just briefly).

Frank, my buddy from Shangai came back for a visit after 2 long years solely for one purpose - a 'makan' trip. Together with his ex housemate, Ken, 3 crab lovers, it was a unanimous decision to have our dinner at this restaurant, famous for it's crabs. Being the only one with the car, one chic had to ferry two 'big men' for a crabs dinner...

1kg of salted egg yolk crabs....nothing beats this!

1 kg of cheese crab - the boys' favourite.. which I found a bit too rich for my liking.
..accompanied by 1 plate of 'mantou', which goes very well with the cheese sauce

the restaurant's famous deep fried tofu (this dish is such a cliche..almost every restaurant you go to must have a deep fried tofu as their speciality)

.. or you can also opt for the other speciality tofu dish, topped with preserved vege and a little bit of gravy (we had 2 plates of this cause Frank loved it so much)
Kam Heong Lala is my absolute 'favouritest' dish in the world...of course, if only the lala are fresh. The lala served were big and juicy unlike some restaurants which serve more shells than the meat itself (which are sometimes also so scrawny looking). Taste wise I would rate it a 8/10.
and to finish off our meal with a plate of 'vege'. You need your daily dose of greens wat!

And...ta dah..the damages done for the night! 2 very satisfied boys! Bill came up to about RM150 or less (can't really recall's ain't exactly polite to ask exact amount when you ain't the host right!)
I bet by now, there would probably be like 1001 blog posts raving about the food in this restaurant as it has long been established. But anyway, here are the contact details for those 'katak di bawah tempurung' who have yet to try this place!
No 2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/2, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong
03-6272 3346
Do try to get there early on weekends to beat the crowd. We're normally there by 5 ish, 6.
Before calling it a night, we headed over to Brussels in Jaya 1 for a pint of Hoegaarden Draft each.

Hehe and to end my post, I'm just gonna show off the lovely tailor made 'qipao' Frank got for me from Shanghai. Love it to bits..although some alterations need to be done. (yeah..please try not to focus on the Bert..I was too lazy to crop the pic)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fish or Fishes

Just as I turned on my MSN this morning to wish Mr Jimmy Lai good morning, I was greeted by a lecture on fish and fishes. Apparently in my previous blog post on Restoran 2008 Snow Beer, I wrote this sentence 'We had, I think about 5 big bottles of Carlsberg and 2 fishes'.

Apparently, Mr English Teacher who claims he's here to correct my England and not write reports, claims that there is no FISHES and only fish. What I was taught in school, fish or fishes are both gramatically correct. After much argument, I decided to do a google search and typed in the key words 'plural of fish'. A whole list of arguments and other people's queries were listed:-wiki, yahoo answers, etc.

Yeah yeah and guess what I found. English Teacher is right and wrong in a way. This site probably gave one of the better definition of fish and fishes.

"Fish" is one of those off words that's usually both singular and plural. So we can say 'we ate 5 fish'.

But we can use "fishes" when talking about different species of fish:- The fishes of the Fraser River include salmon and sturgeon.

So in my post, technically I had 2 fish of the same species - so my England is gramatically wrong. Yes, and I've corrected it!

So there you go guys, please use fish and fishes correctly. If you read through the site, it also teaches you on the right way to use beer and beers - for those alchy out there.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calene in Germany!

This is my good friend Cal. Uh duh! Like you did not know before! HAHAHAHA

Anyway, here's Cal drinking beer in Germany - yeah again what's new. She's there for 3 months to visit da bf - lucky her! But what amazes me most is that she's up when the sun is shining really brightly. The Cal I know probably doesn't get up until when the sun is about to set!

And look what Cal found!!!!! Bert committing suicide.....why do ppl mock Bert so much and love Elmo? Come on be fair to the poor one eyebrow dude for once! Buggers! Elmo ain't that lovey dovey anyway!