Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calene in Germany!

This is my good friend Cal. Uh duh! Like you did not know before! HAHAHAHA

Anyway, here's Cal drinking beer in Germany - yeah again what's new. She's there for 3 months to visit da bf - lucky her! But what amazes me most is that she's up when the sun is shining really brightly. The Cal I know probably doesn't get up until when the sun is about to set!

And look what Cal found!!!!! Bert committing suicide.....why do ppl mock Bert so much and love Elmo? Come on be fair to the poor one eyebrow dude for once! Buggers! Elmo ain't that lovey dovey anyway!


calene said...

The bear is hung along with bert!
he has company!

Siao Yue said...

the bear doesnt look like he's committing suicide!

calene said...

eh btw...this picture was like at 7 PM :P

HAHA you think i'll get up early meh!