Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hanamco - The Alcoholic's Haven

Stuck at Changi Village Hotel, 30 minutes away from civilization, from the shopping streets of Orchard Road, from the happening night life at Clark Quay - what else can you do when you're stuck with 2 other colleagues with your only entertainment are the local bars and cafe down the road from the hotel!

So this is exactly what we did. Head down to the neighbourhood bar, Hanamco - multi tap bar restaurant for a couple of beers. What caught my attention was the James Squire - Buy 2 bottles for SGD23.90 and get a free plate of what else, my fav wingssss!

The happy hour rates at the bar....if only we had sucH prices in KL for imported beers, I'd probably be drunk 24/7. Ahhhhh Victoria Bitter..makes me wonder what my dream guy (the Indian dude) is doing in Melbourne at this very hour..HAHA

We opted for Silly Saison, a Belgium beer first as many of the draft beer were not available. As recommended by the waiter, 'Creamy, fruity taste with a hint of bitterness'. The first gulp after a hard day's work - heavenly. The only downside, it did have that bitter aftertaste.
Being the Kiasu people as we are, we had 2 bottles of the James Squire Golden Ale- an Aussie beer. It just gets better doesn't it! Strangely, I've never tried this nor seen this during my studies in Melbourne. Fresh and fruity brew with a dry finish - just perfect for a lazy Thursday night (minus the mozzies of course!).
Finally, we had our 3rd and final jug- yet another Aussie product, Pure Blonde - low carbs beer product. Suitable for ppl like me who desperately want to shed some pounds but without that WILLPOWER!!! Light, crisp and aromatic, just perfect to finish off the night and not getting you too drunk.

Suddenly I sound like a beer promoter girl with my tight minis! Urrghh!

Bill came up to about SDG61 for the night. Pretty good deal huh!

Just some final pics of the fridge filled with all kinds of beer. Really the alcoholic's saviour after a week in a god forsaken place!!

Back to KL tomorrow..wheee wheetttt...and off to Bangkok with the bia****s for Lin's hen's night for 3 days! Till then adios readers.

XoXo...doing a second check of this post in case Mr Perfecto England Jim Lai comments on my Not-so-perfect-english


shaun said...

"..if only we had suck prices in KL for "

spot the typo.. =P



Siao Yue said...

alchy: not only are my frens alchy! OMG they are as*holic as well!!!! tsk tsk!

shaun said...


u put up a challenge there, was just going to meet it.