Saturday, September 26, 2009

To Arthur! and Janice's Farewell

At times like this I love my Lumix LX3..

Last night we had a mini farewell for Janice, who will be heading off to Japan to further her Nihon-Go studies this coming Sunday. After dinner in USJ, we headed back to Bangsar South to meet up with George and Danny just to be told that SIDS is packed. Made a detour and headed towards Finnegans on Jalan Telawi to celebrate Arthur Guinness' 250th Birthday in style! According to my 'tong chi' Joanna, Malaysia has the 5th highest number of Guinness drinkers in the world and to think I was a real late starter (ahem..influenced again by my alchy friend whose name starts with the capital C)

I was also told that in European countries, only fat, old women drink Guinness. So to all the hot chics back home good on ya!

Priced at RM11 nett for 1/2 pint, we drank like there's no tomorrow (I wish!). Was a good night out with lots of pictures taken and Jayson happily snapping away with his brand new RM3800 Olympus camera (which Khoo-san reminding us repeatedly ..RM3800...RM3800)

While Calene is holidaying away in Salzburg this weekend, the rest of us back home are keeping ourselves contented with our fix of Guinness. (hehe..don't u miss us back home Cal)

Here's a group pose of my classmates from Jap class (Back L-R (backsides facing the camera):- Jayson, Loo Moon and Sammi Front L-R: yours truly, Khoo and the lucky girl who's going to Japan, Janice)
Here's the Rm3800 Olympus camera. Jayson's new baby apart from his Tofu Car (think jay Chou in Initial D)

And finally, here's a picture of the very bloated George and me..
Here's wishing Janice a safe trip to Japan and don't forget our 'omiyage' when you're back in town!

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