Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shakoor's Video Shoot

Ok these are really BAD shots...but this is what happens when you go out to experience what it's really like at a shooting scene and forget you LX3.

Here I am at Mist on a Sunday morning to see Shakoor shooting the video for his first single, 'Bhranga Hip Hop' (I hope this is what it's called). It's already out on our local stations but I only managed to listen to it this morning for the very first time, during the shoot. It's like a mix of hip hop and Bhranga together with some really groovy dance moves - the video. My 3 seconds of fame came when I was pulled (conned!!) to do a 8 step Bhranga dance! And I know I suck -yeah..apparently there's a video clip of me doing it but I haven't gotten hold of it yet.

Here's da man himself who did not shave for months just to get this look for the shoot!
Wish I could have stayed a bit longer but mua is rushing off to the airport for my flight to Singapore later. look out for this catchy lil song on you local radio stations! No disappointments!

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