Monday, September 7, 2009

Da German Bert

Oooh....the suicidal Bert has been rescued. Cal couldn't bear to see him hanging by the awning, she bribed the guy at the Carnival to sell Bert to her for Euro 15 (she would tell you I gave her that brilliant idea!!) , after spending an embarassing amount of money on the something-throw- ball-at-bottles game (if I remember clearly), which of course turned out 'unfruitful'. He's gonnna be miiiiinnnnnneeeee in exactly 2 months and less than 18 days! She looks strangely excited and Bert has that cheeky grin although being strangled. I wonder what goes on behind locked doors!

And then I realize I have really weird friends - I call them the 'hallucinators'. Cal thinks Bert would make a good bartender. (See pic above). Yeah...Bert is a genius in mixing a bloody good Bloody Mary.

Then there's George who thinks that Bert has his own 'Bert-pod', likes 'chics' as much as him and is an alchy!

And not forgetting horsey-face who thinks he can murder Bert (yeah...and apparently Bert can die) and bury him in the beach during our Hanoi trip!

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