Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lin's Hens Night in Bangkok

3 days just came and went. This is perhaps one of the most fun trips I've had with the girls. Shopping, food and drinking. Did not take many pictures this round and most of them would be up in Facebook or just wait from a post from Sue Ann (making her virgin trip to Bangkok with her G10)!

This is us just arriving on Air Asia waiting for our luggages, all hyped and ready to bring Angeline down .....muahahhaah

After all the shopping at Suan Lum night market, Chatuchak market and massage, it was time for the pah -tay!!!
A still-sober Angeline during our dinner in Chinatown on Sunday night.

We chose the very posh SkyBar to celebrate the night.

Her first very simple easy peasy task - to down her girly Passion Fruit Margarita. Then came the real deal! Scanning the place, we found most people who either came in pairs or old balding men. Our best bet would have been Thijs from Amsterdam. Sue Ann decided that she would go up to him to find out ten things. But we got more than we bargained for - HA HA, she brought him back to hang out with 5 crazy Malaysian chickadees!
Drink prices were ridiculously priced, but I guess it's the ambience you're paying for. A glass of cocktail averages about RM48.
Here's a picture of Lin gladly sipping her B52 and the rest looking on! Mama is checking to make sure not one drop is left. I wonder why that sad face on Sue Ann - should have gotten her one too maybe! (This is the Angeline with the Devil's horns)

Our group picture - check out those bunny ears! Aren't they cute!

The view from the outdoor sky bar on the 64th floor. Simply amazing. We had simply no idea why Angeline was in such deep thoughts!

The dome from on the 64th floor. Inside - where we partied! Cool eh!

Lin KO-ed after 2 cocktails and 2 shots (the B52 and Sambuca Jagermeister). So after we tucked her nicely in bed, Joanna, Sue Ann, myself and Thijs went to a dodgy bar down the road from our hotel in Soi 4, Sukhumvit where the average guy was above 40s, balding and with such huge bellies it could have passed off as a 9 month pregnant woman (if they had a wig on). Each man had at least 2 ladies or maybe even 'ladies' all over them.
Night ended around 4am Malaysian time and the next day, the 5 zombies headed to Siam Paragon for some brunch and last minute shopping:- mama and myself continued our shopping spree at Boots for toiletries, Sue Ann headed straight for the bikini, swimwear section (even after 6 bikinis purchased the 2 days before), Lin - still looking for her pink pyjamas and Joanna at the branded stuff at Paragon. (Somehow I feel like RM's wife in the picture below with the red Crocs and the yellow T-Shirt)
Look at all the tired faces but no doubt it has been one of the best short trips I've had in a long time.