Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya....

to everyone...all my muslim frens.....

Drive back home safely!!!

To those already back in hometown..happy eating....

3 hours more till happy hours at Brussels Beer Cafe! Woohooooooooo...

Tomorrow we're gonna crash Hedz open house and try his hand made ketupat......

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Skytrek Adventure

Urrrghh I woke up a 6.30 am this morning for our skytrek adventure in Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam. I don't even get up that early for work......

Sooyin, yellow chimp and me carpooled and got there WAY too early because our dear sooyin told us that it would take 45 mins to get there from Pee jay.

We waited for almost an hour for all our group members to arrive, I think almost 20 to be precise....and we're off to our 'little adventure'. I've never done this before....but all i can say is we were all so gung-ho to get started but after the first obstacle, I was already panting and huffing.

The group listening to the briefing of the guide (left most) and safety precautions.

A little trial run before the real thing....a very excited Adrian going down the mini flying fox while Ms Pink sooyin (behind) attempting to climb the ropes after swinging like Tarzan from the other end.

Getting ready for the real thing.....

La la tries balancing.....while KC snaps her pics on the other side after he's done this obstacle.

Don't look down once ur on the zigzag!

Ok..so this isn't too hard...still can look back and smile at the camera..

Big eyed KC....after he's done the 100m flying fox.....

Almost at the end...mama tries spiderwoman stunt....

And papa Ian almost completing the 1km journey...a triumphant look on his face......getting ready for the last flying fox....

Even halfway through, someone asked me if I just had a shower...that's how much hard work we have to put in!!

But the morning hard work all went down the drain during our 2 pm lunch where we all had a feast of dimsum in Pee jay....

Many thanks to KC, even with his shaking hands, he was trying to snap some pics of us..

Off to take a nap now....ZzzzZZzzzzz

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ooh..my little surprise

I got a little surprise today......

La la la......now I can msn with ......'him' when I am outside....I can listen to jason mraz anywhere..i can watch wentworth miller and chase crawford anytime on the plane....


QUICK UPDATE: sue ann has uploaded her birthday pics on www.limsueann.wordpress.com . I think more would be uploaded on FB

Time now...3.06pm. We just got back from Werners in KL....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUE ANN. She got bloody drunk.... pics and camwhoring will come soon....I am also so goddamn sleepy.............but it must be the effect of the Glenfiddich. Hmm..having second thoughts now about having a pah-teeh for my 27th.......damn afraid if a flamin lambo will come my way....and I'll end up confessing things that I never thought I would....

hmm....some of you have given me shit the whole night.........:)

muahah ...is my feeling what u think it is??! or what you interpret it to be???

is this jason mraz's song a representation of exactly how I feel now or what you expect the outcome to be?

Lucky i'm in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where I have been, lucky to be coming home again....ooohhhh....they don't know how long it takes..waiting for a love like this...everytime we say goodbye...i wish we had one more kiss...i'll wait for you.......i promise you...i willllllllll.....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What the heck is this?

Is it a baby bat? or some mutated looking alien that can probably multiply by the thousands and ready to take over earth?

I saw this creature outside my apartment early this morning. It sure does look awful. It was trying to crawl, hop and even...fly....

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Krabi Trip

Just about 28 hrs since I am back from Krabi. Many people have asked me to post the pictures up. Less talk more pics....
Here are photos from Yellow Chimp's and my camera...

Day 1
Arriving at the Krabi airport. Non peak season, look at how little luggages were checked in

I just love the flintstones toilet theme!


Day 2


maya bay

Feeding the fishes

Woman overboard! People ask you to snorkel, you go play with the float!

This is heaven!! Crystal clear waters

Shopping after lunch at Phi Phi island...trying to look like a movie star being followed by paparazzi!

Sean playing beach vollyeball on Bamboo Island.

Beach view of Bamboo Island

Stopping by this Monkey Island was an absolute waste of time..but oh well!

Snorkelling in open sea. Thank god we were not on this boat for snorkelling.


Ask any local, they'll tell you that Wangsai seafood is the best on Ao nang beach.

The Last Fisherman ..the only bar on our hotel stretch.

Pricey drinks because the bar faces the sea (not like u can see anything during the night).

But the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore is pretty soothing.

Day 3


Tham Khao Wong lagoon

Jim and Yellow Chimp hard at work through the mangrove area

Magnificent view from Tham Pee Hua cave

Tham Pee Hua cave..filled with stalactite and stalagmite


The real monkey....

Also attempting the monkey swing.....



Bloody posers!

Yummy hawker style seafood at the Ao nang night market

O'Mallys pub...

The biggest loser.....

Day 4


Align Left

Our frequent massage place...shack no.7. About 1 km walk from out hotel.

At the same place..pedicure for only 100bath..the guy...REALLY a guy..did a great job for that price


All in we spent about RM 1000 including air fare, hotel, a little bit of shopping and food. But partially was because we went during the low season where almost everything was bargainable....4 d 3 n is just too short, one extra night would have been just perfect to add the jungle trekking/ water rafting activities. It was so damn hard to choose between the tour packages we could opt for!!!

We're already planning next year's beach vacation!!! :)