Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brussels Beer Cafe

NOTE NOTE NOTE..before i begin this post, today is the birthday of my mysterious Mr Ah C, whom again is not picking up his calls for some weird reasons. If u get this, don't try to return call one week later and asked me if i DID CALL U yesterday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Earlier this week, Kenneth, my distant cousin (the dude with the Zheng tea) sent me the brochure on his newly opened Brussels Beer Cafe in Jaya One. After a hectic week at work ( I was away in Nilai, Melaka and Muar for work), I decided to see if anyone was keen on Happy Hours in Brussels. Jack decided to set it right after work b'coz he had a dinner at 7.30 in SS2 and Hedz had some salsa dancing to do down in KL.

I love this place because they have Hoegaarden by the pint for happy hours for only RM24. It's like so bloody affordable. The guys, however, were not too keen and opted for the draft Leffe Blonde.

Top L-R: Jack-ass, Me, Hedz the somewhat looking tanned bachelor
Bottom L-R: KC the Big Eyed Boy, Jim -jim and Vietnam girl Sean

However, I must say that the beer finger food was a wee bit pricey but nevertheless still yummy, although the bars in Singapore have better beer food, I must say! Ha ha and of course, the chicken wings had a tasty barbeque sauce to it! Absolutely delicious. (I realized that I must either be a glutton or alcoholic...60% of my posts are abt food and beer......siggghhhh)
We had roast pork, sausages, calamari, some balls, chicken wings and some bacon...can't remember the names, coz I did not do the ordering.

I bet Jack enjoyed himself. At 9.15 pm, he was obviously super late for his dinner but still in Brussels.

And being so 'sua koo', I have never seen such a BIG GLASS of Hoegaarden before (and to think we thought our 1 pint was huge until we saw this 6 pint, ordered by the guys next table). Err..they were kind of let us take a picture of it......

Muahahahahahahahah at the end of the night, we decided we WILL come back here again and it's probably next Tuesday as Wednesday is a public holiday for all of us lucky Selangor buggers!!!! Any takers???????

P/S: anttyk, this time we had 3 flers sms u to come out ok...throw that I phone away la puh-lease...


anttyk said...

Haha... Are you buying me a new phone?

Siao Yue said...

anttyk: noooo i could use that phone to throw at some ppl and hope it hits bulls eye! then at least ur phone would serve a good cause before it is written off....