Thursday, September 4, 2008

Distorted Body

A number of people have asked me to take a picture of my bruised arm cause it looks so horrible and shame the culprit who BIT me.....HA HA HA

Yes....its like BITE BIT BITTEN the BIT. You know who you are but you haven't seen the after effect! This is the nasty bruise almost 1 week later! And yes, that's my 'Petaling Street' Burberry Bag at the back, if some of you remember from my older blog on how I got insulted.

And this is me during the Shape Run 2008 on 24th August. Arrrghhhhhhh must have been running like the wind to have that double chin all flapping out! Grossss. The diet plan is inevitable now.

BTW the hand stickng out at the left corner belongs to Hedz, who was so full of 'semangat' and went to run on that day when he did not even register prior to that.


anttyk said...

Hahahaha. Chicken arms again...

Siao Yue said...

anttyk: tsk tsk..not only is erm something receeding..ur eyesight also failing u...look how toned it is wei! muahahah