Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Zheng .....

I am just heping out a good ole' 'brother' of mine promote the 'Zheng' Green Tea he created. I'm sure many of you have at least come across it while grocery shopping. It's available at almost all major supermarkets.
Another reason I so willingly help him promote it is b'coz it is endorsed by my all time favourite local artiste, Nicholas Teo (张栋梁). And my 'meanie' relative promised me one miserable picture with Nicholas if I did a lil write up on Zheng. Yes, that's how desperate I am to see him in person.....

He said he'd actually invited me through sms to some events when Nicholas was around town , but I was always away either in Hong Kong, Singapore or Jakarta. So now, with this blog post he has no further excuses!!

Now, when you are in need of a refreshing green tea drink, think Zheng. Honestly speaking, I've actually bought Zheng before I knew who the creator was and it's seriously not bad tasting and not one of those sickly sweet green teas you get around. Well, it also goes well with whisky too....ZHENGGGGGGG
Note: I've actually posted Kenneth's face here as well. That's in case he breaks his promise and any of you see him out there, HA HA you know what to do!!!!!

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