Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lazy Wednesday

See the polls on the right are rigged.

Jack-ass is a real ass. Now I have proof from our msn conversation.

Jack says:
ok just voted again (sue ann's birthday celebration votes)
Jack says:

siaoyue talks too much also i voted like 5 times hahahaha

Because I've overstressed my foot (and not allowed to exercise) and drinking erm..moderately over the long weekend I think I've put on some weight. Jayson confirmed it last night without me even asking him for his opinion and he's not only seen me for a week. Damn.

The scales do not lie. Weighed myself this morning.

Still nearing 50kg...OMG!! Someone said to me the other day,'I don't mind man you stay with me everyday in Singapore if you look like your msn profile pic' (which is the same as the profile pic on my blog). WTF, but that's really me wor? Maybe the camera angle did the trick!

I was also telling Jimmy, another latest addition to our Krabi trip that I needed a desperate quick fix to loose the beer belly before Krabi (praying real hard the situation in Bangkok improves). He agreed, just in case it gave YellowChimp a reason to mock me...... :) So 5 sets of 20 sit ups per day. You think it'll do the trick?

16 more days. That's all I have. Strictly minimal carbs considering I can't hit the gym for another week. Sigh.....

Finally..I've managed to catch up with Kev before his world trip that starts tomorrow. And he brought back the Remington Bodywave curls from Melbourne that Sass-O was raving about and swears by it. So once my hair grows longer, I'm all ready to try it!!! Thank you Kev.


Sunshine said...

I have the same scale!!Although it's not been used in some time..LOL and almost the same curler too...and yes after reading sass entry although I've only tried it once...looked really weird..tell me/show us how us worked...

Siao Yue said...

sunshine: maybe the scales are inaccurate! muahhahahahahah. My hair is not long enough yet to try it, maybe in a few months. Silvia got me one of those curling irons last yr as well. Pretty good effect

Sass said...

ahahah you finally got it and yes i swear by it! ask hooi sian! she got it months ago but never tried till i went to kl. and when she saw how easy it was and what the effect was she was very surprised! i think it can work on short hair too just try when u have nothing to do haha

Siao Yue said...

sass: but hooisian like still cant really get the hang of it wor!!! she tried with the big clippers thing i think...

sunshine: haha go re -watch the video on sass' blog. I think i need to do demo ....reading the manual bores me

Sunshine said...

I actually have two curling irons...honestly only used probably once because they said curling irons are really bad for ur hair because of the heat etc so I don't really do it because I don't really spend a fortune doing treatment for the hair here..

But yes I think I need to watch the video again. It seems soooo much more easier on the video but they always do.