Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's great to have your girlie pals around

It's great to get my 4 close girl pals for the relatively quiet night out, considering one is married, one is getting married (but still likes to pah-tee in Velvet), 1 hibernates in Klang at the bf's house and 1 in Hong Kong, but also busy jet-setting.

We met up at a quiet little place on Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar called The Attic.

From L - R: The jet-setter (Lin Lin), the hibernator (SuSu), Me, The pah-tee mui (Lala) and of coz my married mama (Jules).
We had cocktails and some whisky.

And this is what happens after you have a little too much to drink. (There are more stupid pictures, but I'm still contemplating whether to upload it into Facebook). Again doing that se-tu-pid Japanese pose. (Far right: Pei Shan)

From L-R: Ultraman pose, Travolta pose, Bollywood, God knows what pose, James Bond and err I guess, Geisha pose?

I swear we were so chatterish and noisy that the girl in the next table were shot us killer stares.

At least the guys were more decent.

P/S: Anttyk, we did invite u ok. Someone never reply those emails only. Tsk tsk!


anttyk said...

I didn't get any emails... :(

Siao Yue said...

anttyk: got la. your office it those delayed effect thing?