Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Work work work and Eat eat eat

I went to a few places interstate for my audits these 1 1/2 weeks. I've never driven so much in such a short period of time. Work was pretty hectic, driving was damn tiring, but everything was worth it all at the end of my mini 'road trip'. THANK GOD TOMORROW I'M OFF TO KRABI FOR SOME SAND, SEA and MASSAGE.

With the help of the GPS, (I must admit that being a direction dummy, the GPS has been of great help). So while driving, I can listen to the radio and chat with my colleague comfortably without getting lost.

Apart from taking us to our audit destinations, we also had the GPS take us to famous food spots. The 'search for food' function is just wonderful!!!

We headed first to Nilai for the first audit. Nothing fanciful in this town. My only impression is that Nilai is home to the famous cemetery where most of my relatives are buried .

Our first stop right after work in Muar was to find the reknown Muar Otak Otak. We went aroung in circles even though the GPS indicated that we'd reached out destination. WHY? Because the uncle sold his 'otak otak' in a house without any prominent signboards!! But all was worth it when we sunk our teeth to take the first biteeee...

Try to look for the corner house with this car!!!

We 'sapu' the last 17 pieces of the otak otak as we arrived rather late at his shop

From Muar, we proceeded to Melaka. On the way we bought 'duku' which costs RM10 for 9 kg. Feeling famished, we had a feast in the Manis Sayang Nyonya Restaurant in Melaka Raya. I even had satay celup for supper but again forgot to take pictures.

No trip to Melaka is complete without first trying the famous chicken rice balls!!! We had lunch the next day at Chung Wah coffee shop located near Jonker Street.

And look what I found after lunch. Stuff we used to play when we were kids....aaaahh memories!!

I must admit though, the hotel we put up at for the night Makhota Hotel is an absolute disappointment - first the rooms have been badly maintained, bathtubs had cracks and rust. The original room I checked into had a lipas/ siu keong/ cockroach crawling around in the bathtub. A line of ants had formed on the bed the next thing I checked. Feeling so exhausted from the driving, this is the last thing I'd expect. After even requesting for a change of room, I was in for a BIGGER surprise. There was a lizard behind the refridgerator!!!!!! However, amidst all the shortcomings, I must say the view from the hotel is breathtaking.

Back in KL on a Friday, I went to try this 'ban mee' on Jalan Berangan near Jalan Alor.

Monday and Tuesday I proceeded north with my colleague. Stopped at Bidor for lunch after our Rawang audit, had the famous duck noodles.

The reliable GPS then took us to Jalan Yau Tet Sin ipoh taugeh and chicken for dinner. I always thought that Ong Kee was a better choice but my colleague preferred their competitior, Lou Wong located just opposite. We opted for the latter.

yummy succulent chicken!!!

Last pit stop before leaving Ipoh, I vaguely remembered that during my initial years of auditing in Ipoh, our clients took us to this hawker like place 'under the tree' in Pasir Pinji that serves deep fried yong tau foo. So when the GPS showed this place, we went there without hesitation.

The fish paste was fresh, springy and very reasonably priced, only at RM0.50 per piece! Everything is fried on the spot...

They also serve a vast variety of noodles there, asam laksa, curry laksa, the list goes on. I must say though, although very tasty, I felt that there was not enough fish in the asam laksa.

And lastly, they even have some unique drinks bean shake...corn shake......

With all the local delights, how not to get fat. But surprisingly, when I weighed on the scales at the end of it all, I did not pile on any extra pounds!!! Woooohooo

NOTE: See y'all after I'm back from KRAAABBI.....

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