Friday, October 31, 2008



Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gimmme gimme gimme...

Support la sikit my Google on the ads!!!!

Since i started blogspot....this is how much I made from Adsense!! USD 0.59 miserable cents......

Monday, October 27, 2008

Second Post

This is my second post today simply because the night is too humid and warm to go out. I have no series to watch and bored stiff. So, here I am showing Cal a picture of a wig that I bought and is considering wearing it for my 'pirates of the carribean' themed annual dinner in Hong Kong in December over the MSN.

Feeling funny and bored as well, she initially suggested I bring a talking a parrot that only goes, 'Polly, I need a beer'! Yeah, 2 bored ppl can get pretty lame. But how on earth will I bring a life parrot to Hong Kong? So she suggested dressing up as a PARROT instead and very helpfully searched for parrot costumes online!

Here's prob how I would look......wah laueh.......I will never ever be caught dead wearing this. not even for a million dollars.

I also want to travel around the world!!!!!!

I bet Kevin is having a whale of time on his solo quest in Europe after Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, US..bla bla bla...

He started his postcard sending routine to me as he stepped into Scotland....can't wait for him to be back on the 28th and fill me in with all his adventuressssssss...

2/10 in Scotland.....quaint little city he wrote on the post card!

8/10 Paris....on his way from La Rochelle to Paris.....I want to see the Eiffel Tower toooooooo

10/10 I guess he din like Spain that much....prob because he missed the Bullfighting!

11/10 OMG...he's at the Vatican. Don't think he met the Pope though...

12/10 In Rome......Expensive city....nobody smiled at him apparently...

14/10 Yeah..he only mentioned the fantastic gyros (kebabs)

16/10 This is the last postcard at time of Switzerland!
I am sooo jealous!!!!!!!!
Ke ke i'm being greedy and wishing for souvenirs...some swiss chocolates perhaps??

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mini Me

I found Bert's mini -me finger puppet in Toys 'R Us Singapore.....

He heh!! So Cuteeeeeeeee

Friday, October 24, 2008

Like an OAF!!

What did I do wrong in my previous life? Or is GOD punishing me for eating too many chicken wings.

Last year in August, I hit my third and fourth left toe against the corner of the sofa - the pain was so severe tears were rolling down my cheeks, fractured my bones and had to plaster my two toes together for weeks for support. No joke leh! My blue slippers were my best friend for almost a month!!!!

Today at KLIA (just back from Singapore), I went to get a bottle of Martini Asti. Put the bottle in a bag and left it on the trolley. Of all things to happen, the damn bottle rolled off the trolley onto the floor but it had to hit my big toe first!!!!!!!! Best part is the bottle was still in tact.

So yeah, that's why a crippled me is blogging on a Friday night because I can't walk properly what more go clubbing with a limp!!!! and it sure hurts like hell!


Looks my I have to put my latest addition of Charles and Keith on hold first..... to go Genting to support Kai Seng's sister for the Ms Astro finals tomorrow???

Is anyone gonna show me any sympathy???????? Will someone bring a bottle of sake and drink with me tonightttt???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 reasons to love Singapore!

My 2 weeks job assignment comes to an end tomorrow before I'm back here in December.

The 10 reasons why I can't wait to get my ass back here again!
1) The privilege to stay in some really nice hotels like Swissotel Merchant Court.. which is like a stone's throw away from Clark Quay.

2) Tony Romas that actually serves PORK RIBS..yummmmmm...(goto the one in Suntec, I was told)

3) Smoke free bars......(personal fav..Timbre and Wala Wala)

4)..that actually serves great food, which is a rarity in KL...

5) 'Ice Cold Beer' near Sommerset MRT station ..which I swear has the best fried chicken wings I've ever tasted.

6) Frolick yogurt Holland V. You can never have enough! Brough Sharan there and she loved it instantly!

7) Can shop till you drop!!! - comes with great service too!!! The only fantabulous service you can most probably expect from shopping in KL is from the neither he nor she gender....(those you can normally find over the cosmetic counters)

8) Places that brew their own beer and have 1 for 1 during happy hours!

9) No trip to Singapore is probably complete without Chilli Crabs. However, I haven't had them since my trip in June - so no pics to be posted here...

10) Lastly......the 10th reason is for me to know and for you to find out! Muahahhahah!!! (or it could simply be cause I am out of ideas for the 10th reason!)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My last wish....

Fantastic chocolate banana cake from 'Awfully Chocolate' (somewhere in Raffles) thanks to Tracy and Jansen......

I make my last birthday wish for 2008 ........has been the same wish since i cut the durian cheesecake last Friday!!!

Psst...last year I hoped to get this little bag. I am so very very very surprised, my wish finally came true this birthday. So maybe this year's wish would only become a reality in 2009? I hope not!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pre Birthday Celebration at Brussels

Thanks for all your sms-es and calls so far. Sooooorry I haven't been able to reply everyone as I'm still stuck in Kiasu land for the week. year older and the first one who had to remind me was Jimjim at 12.15 am. :)

These pictures are courtesy from Sue Ann and have been posted in FB....but just for those peeps who are FB hermits or FB clueless.... a sneek peek at what we were up to last week

Last Friday at Brussels

Dinner first at Duck King, Jaya 1. They have the yummiest Peking Duck

It's not our wedding !! Free champagne courtesy of Brussels..

3 cakes...sooo touched...! One for hedz, one for me, one from Kenneth

Papa again up to his antics, this time the victim - horsey face sooj....only one fella puked that night and guess who!

with Joanna, my comrad from China

she loves Stella Artois!! look how close she held the afraid

the cool pose with jimjim, hedz and jackjack

Papa has a secret desire to be in the HR department...

blair and serena from gossip girl..HA HA HA

the newly weds -hong tee and iris

the real alchys -with the exception of me of coz (andrew, alex, cal and yogi bear george)

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sharing the flamin at Brussels with Hedz whose birthday also fell on 16th

For a wonderful night....

Muaksssssss to Mama & papa, george and alex, cal, andrew, jim, jack jack, horsey sooj, Hong tee and iris, sue ann, KC, Uncle G, joanna, eugene, hedz. U guys have really really made my night!!!

Triple muaks to jack jack who bought the .....durian cheesecake for us!!!!!! Was reallly yummy!

A very big thank u to Kenneth at Brussels for that bottle of champagne......

To my bitches, yess...i love the lingerie....not sure who I will show it to after wearing though...HA HA.....but too bad it's still in Jim's car.....wonder if he'll fantasize while it's still in his custody!! To cal, yesssss exactly the lippie colour i was looking for.....

Having said that, was telling Cal the best birthday gift ever that I hoped to get this year a few weeks back....and ok...well I sorta got it......! so I'm not complaining!!!!! OMG...but I still am sooooo happy......But she reckons I maybe hallucinating that I actually got what I wanted....... (in case anyone was really wondering...he's our little secret!)

Have no pics to post yet cause my silly camera again ran out of batteries halfway and the rest of pics are with my partner in crime at Zeta last night.....Sue Ann. Will be posting more pics once I get the whole lot from her!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What makes a band rocckkk?

Had a little ex-Monash gathering with Tracy and Eddie last night at Wala Wala, Holland V (and Sharan - my colleague). Tracy as usual was fashionably late and Eddie and myself spent a good 15 minutes trying to debate if the Tracy I knew was the Tracy he knew who had a white Aussie boyfriend who used to cuddle and kiss at Uni those days......HAH.....I insisted the Tracy I knew full on prefered Asians. Guess who was right!

The full band came on at around 10pm.

The guys found it so amusing to see a 'mismatched' band - with a guitarist looking like a sound technician more than anything else. What makes a good band? Is having a good voice with quality music sufficient or you need at least the lead singer to be good looking or the whole band to look like god sent from heaven? (I remember last week at Bangkok Jazz, Sam was just fussing about how unshaven the keyboardist looked and thankfully the bassist was rather cute). I must say though, the lead singer did a great rendition of Cindy Lauper's 'Time after time'.

Above: Tracy unshamefully snapped a picture of the band at Wala Wala. What's with the moustache (we could not get over that)???????

At the end of the day, if the bar serves great food and has a decent band, that's good enough and you don't get many of those in KL.......

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pre Wedding and Wedding Stories

Buying a ring

We women always bitch among ourselves on what type of ring we expect our man to buy when he proposes. Then we most likely also make demands to the poor 2 Carat don't marry me ah!

But what happens when a totally clueless man goes on his quest to purchase a ring?

Recently, I had the opportunity to tag along to give my (ahem) 'professional' advice on the perfect ring. And boy, it's not easy.

You need to have a budget. How much is considered acceptable by your gf? Is this amount considered too cheapskate or don't need to spend so much la.....

What grade?

What clarity?

Size vs qaulity? Opt for which one?

Traditonal v perfect cut?

4 hours later, we all agreed that 0.5 D VVS1 would be just that one within a reasonable budget range (if u havea budget of more than RM10k la)...doesn't necessarily have to be a Tiffany's.

But George said if I had that criteria in mind, I don't have to get married already to a normal Malaysian guy that's not old and horny! Either that or I'll need a damn rich Father in Law.....

Real tales of Bridezilla....

Of all the horror brides from hell stories I have heard so far, this has got to be the funniest real life one ever.

All the 'sisters' chosen must have their Chinese Zodiac Signs matched with the brides....therefore, the best friend of the bride does not fit this criteria, she should be glad she's even invited to the wedding dinner itself. So all sisters chosen barely know each other.

The brothers have to be staying in the hotel room while waiting for the wedding dinner while the sisters are not allowed to wear too high heels because they have to be running around checking the lighting, CD, candles etc before the dinner. Simply because the 'brothers' don't want to be involved.

One 'sister' has to be responsible for the bag carrying the groom's personal belongings e.g underwear, toohtbrush....while one is responsible for collecting his wedding outfit. One sister as the 'timekeeper' to make sure everything happens and ends on the dot.

During the course of 'picking the bride' where the sisters make the groom's life miserable for one last time before the bride is 'handed over' to his hands, the sisters are not allowed to require the groom and his brothers to eat certain stuff becuase he doesn't like the taste of say...wasabi, apply any types of cream/ wax because he's allergic, not allowed to ask them to sing .....the list goes on

After the groom has 'picked' the bride from her house to the hotel/ tea ceremony, all sisters have to drive themselves in one car to the hotel. Like 5 nuns in a car???

All sisters have to buy their own dress. Colour restriction is imposed. Cannot outshine the bride.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Filled Saturday

Sooyin got us girls passes to the 3D transformation session at the Novotel yesterday. Mama, Sooyin, her friend Felicia and myself had an interesting afternoon learning how to erm groom outselves, learn what clothes would suit your style best, how to make the best of accessories and also a lil bit of make up.

Next day must try the instant slimming strategies and see if I get any compliments!

Thought I would have a quiet night out at Bangkok Jazz...... checking out the cute bassist....

but I was 11 myself and Sam and yellowChimp headed off to Havanita to meet up with the rest of the gang!

...papa was crazy last night....trying to make all the guys down 3, 5 or even 8's one of him trying to down yellowChimp...

...but he obviously did not do a vey good job!!!!

Blogging at such an ungodly hour in the morning over breakkie becoz I have to leave home for the airport to Singapore in 45 mins!! Wheee wheeeettttt

Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally I am back..

I think it's just my luck with airplanes, my 5.35pm flight from KK was actually cancelled!!! A domestic flight!!! What crap and utter nonsense. This is my third flight cancellation in 7 months!!!!!! And is a MAS (MH) flight. Malaysian Hostility....

I felt like another epsiode of Amazing Race when we were told by our travel agent at 10-ish that the flight has been cancelled and we can opt to go on the 7 plus flight -no wayyyyy. The 3.30pm flight - out of the question...fully booked. last resort 12.15pm. So at 11 am, we checked out, hailed the cab and rushed to the airport which was 20 mins away. Phewwww...made it in time.

I can go on bitching, but I think I've said enough about my previous horrid experiences with MAS.

On the plane, I came across this article which I thought was pretty funny!!!

Wonder if my future husband will request I saw my beloved Bert into half if we ever divorce. I'll kill him with rat poison first!

And finally, when I got home, I saw in my mailbox my one and only postcard from Kev!! Had to virtually beg him to send me one!!!!!!!!On his solo trek in Europe beginning with Scotland!!!!! In case anyone forgot - I actually have a good friend by the name of Kevin Toh who has gone on a world tour couple of months back and should only be back end October!!