Monday, October 27, 2008

I also want to travel around the world!!!!!!

I bet Kevin is having a whale of time on his solo quest in Europe after Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, US..bla bla bla...

He started his postcard sending routine to me as he stepped into Scotland....can't wait for him to be back on the 28th and fill me in with all his adventuressssssss...

2/10 in Scotland.....quaint little city he wrote on the post card!

8/10 Paris....on his way from La Rochelle to Paris.....I want to see the Eiffel Tower toooooooo

10/10 I guess he din like Spain that much....prob because he missed the Bullfighting!

11/10 OMG...he's at the Vatican. Don't think he met the Pope though...

12/10 In Rome......Expensive city....nobody smiled at him apparently...

14/10 Yeah..he only mentioned the fantastic gyros (kebabs)

16/10 This is the last postcard at time of Switzerland!
I am sooo jealous!!!!!!!!
Ke ke i'm being greedy and wishing for souvenirs...some swiss chocolates perhaps??

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