Monday, October 20, 2008

Pre Birthday Celebration at Brussels

Thanks for all your sms-es and calls so far. Sooooorry I haven't been able to reply everyone as I'm still stuck in Kiasu land for the week. year older and the first one who had to remind me was Jimjim at 12.15 am. :)

These pictures are courtesy from Sue Ann and have been posted in FB....but just for those peeps who are FB hermits or FB clueless.... a sneek peek at what we were up to last week

Last Friday at Brussels

Dinner first at Duck King, Jaya 1. They have the yummiest Peking Duck

It's not our wedding !! Free champagne courtesy of Brussels..

3 cakes...sooo touched...! One for hedz, one for me, one from Kenneth

Papa again up to his antics, this time the victim - horsey face sooj....only one fella puked that night and guess who!

with Joanna, my comrad from China

she loves Stella Artois!! look how close she held the afraid

the cool pose with jimjim, hedz and jackjack

Papa has a secret desire to be in the HR department...

blair and serena from gossip girl..HA HA HA

the newly weds -hong tee and iris

the real alchys -with the exception of me of coz (andrew, alex, cal and yogi bear george)

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