Monday, October 27, 2008

Second Post

This is my second post today simply because the night is too humid and warm to go out. I have no series to watch and bored stiff. So, here I am showing Cal a picture of a wig that I bought and is considering wearing it for my 'pirates of the carribean' themed annual dinner in Hong Kong in December over the MSN.

Feeling funny and bored as well, she initially suggested I bring a talking a parrot that only goes, 'Polly, I need a beer'! Yeah, 2 bored ppl can get pretty lame. But how on earth will I bring a life parrot to Hong Kong? So she suggested dressing up as a PARROT instead and very helpfully searched for parrot costumes online!

Here's prob how I would look......wah laueh.......I will never ever be caught dead wearing this. not even for a million dollars.

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