Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 reasons to love Singapore!

My 2 weeks job assignment comes to an end tomorrow before I'm back here in December.

The 10 reasons why I can't wait to get my ass back here again!
1) The privilege to stay in some really nice hotels like Swissotel Merchant Court.. which is like a stone's throw away from Clark Quay.

2) Tony Romas that actually serves PORK RIBS..yummmmmm...(goto the one in Suntec, I was told)

3) Smoke free bars......(personal fav..Timbre and Wala Wala)

4)..that actually serves great food, which is a rarity in KL...

5) 'Ice Cold Beer' near Sommerset MRT station ..which I swear has the best fried chicken wings I've ever tasted.

6) Frolick yogurt Holland V. You can never have enough! Brough Sharan there and she loved it instantly!

7) Can shop till you drop!!! - comes with great service too!!! The only fantabulous service you can most probably expect from shopping in KL is from the neither he nor she gender....(those you can normally find over the cosmetic counters)

8) Places that brew their own beer and have 1 for 1 during happy hours!

9) No trip to Singapore is probably complete without Chilli Crabs. However, I haven't had them since my trip in June - so no pics to be posted here...

10) Lastly......the 10th reason is for me to know and for you to find out! Muahahhahah!!! (or it could simply be cause I am out of ideas for the 10th reason!)

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