Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sharing the flamin at Brussels with Hedz whose birthday also fell on 16th

For a wonderful night....

Muaksssssss to Mama & papa, george and alex, cal, andrew, jim, jack jack, horsey sooj, Hong tee and iris, sue ann, KC, Uncle G, joanna, eugene, hedz. U guys have really really made my night!!!

Triple muaks to jack jack who bought the .....durian cheesecake for us!!!!!! Was reallly yummy!

A very big thank u to Kenneth at Brussels for that bottle of champagne......

To my bitches, yess...i love the lingerie....not sure who I will show it to after wearing though...HA HA.....but too bad it's still in Jim's car.....wonder if he'll fantasize while it's still in his custody!! To cal, yesssss exactly the lippie colour i was looking for.....

Having said that, was telling Cal the best birthday gift ever that I hoped to get this year a few weeks back....and ok...well I sorta got it......! so I'm not complaining!!!!! OMG...but I still am sooooo happy......But she reckons I maybe hallucinating that I actually got what I wanted....... (in case anyone was really wondering...he's our little secret!)

Have no pics to post yet cause my silly camera again ran out of batteries halfway and the rest of pics are with my partner in crime at Zeta last night.....Sue Ann. Will be posting more pics once I get the whole lot from her!

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