Monday, October 13, 2008

Pre Wedding and Wedding Stories

Buying a ring

We women always bitch among ourselves on what type of ring we expect our man to buy when he proposes. Then we most likely also make demands to the poor 2 Carat don't marry me ah!

But what happens when a totally clueless man goes on his quest to purchase a ring?

Recently, I had the opportunity to tag along to give my (ahem) 'professional' advice on the perfect ring. And boy, it's not easy.

You need to have a budget. How much is considered acceptable by your gf? Is this amount considered too cheapskate or don't need to spend so much la.....

What grade?

What clarity?

Size vs qaulity? Opt for which one?

Traditonal v perfect cut?

4 hours later, we all agreed that 0.5 D VVS1 would be just that one within a reasonable budget range (if u havea budget of more than RM10k la)...doesn't necessarily have to be a Tiffany's.

But George said if I had that criteria in mind, I don't have to get married already to a normal Malaysian guy that's not old and horny! Either that or I'll need a damn rich Father in Law.....

Real tales of Bridezilla....

Of all the horror brides from hell stories I have heard so far, this has got to be the funniest real life one ever.

All the 'sisters' chosen must have their Chinese Zodiac Signs matched with the brides....therefore, the best friend of the bride does not fit this criteria, she should be glad she's even invited to the wedding dinner itself. So all sisters chosen barely know each other.

The brothers have to be staying in the hotel room while waiting for the wedding dinner while the sisters are not allowed to wear too high heels because they have to be running around checking the lighting, CD, candles etc before the dinner. Simply because the 'brothers' don't want to be involved.

One 'sister' has to be responsible for the bag carrying the groom's personal belongings e.g underwear, toohtbrush....while one is responsible for collecting his wedding outfit. One sister as the 'timekeeper' to make sure everything happens and ends on the dot.

During the course of 'picking the bride' where the sisters make the groom's life miserable for one last time before the bride is 'handed over' to his hands, the sisters are not allowed to require the groom and his brothers to eat certain stuff becuase he doesn't like the taste of say...wasabi, apply any types of cream/ wax because he's allergic, not allowed to ask them to sing .....the list goes on

After the groom has 'picked' the bride from her house to the hotel/ tea ceremony, all sisters have to drive themselves in one car to the hotel. Like 5 nuns in a car???

All sisters have to buy their own dress. Colour restriction is imposed. Cannot outshine the bride.


Sunshine said...

So...Did you learn what was the average 4C's? Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat?

Siao Yue said...

hehehehe sunshine....average? I dont think any two girls will have the same criteria to make it average la!!everyone wants the best!