Wednesday, October 8, 2008

There's so many things to be excited about!

Like Sue Ann had her Monday blues yesterday...I felt a bit of Tuesday blues from the minute I woke up. My office web based mail screwed up since Saturday - still can't figure out why, heaps of workload, KK isn't exactly a very interesting town to hang out...the list goes on...

Checked out One Borneo after work, the new mall in KK and I was soooo excited when I saw that my absolute favouritest boutique, Southaven, there. Thank god they did not have the blouse in my size. First saw this boutique in Wisma Atria, Singapore and I loved their designs since!!! Too bad they do not have one in KL.

So the mood got better after window shopping!

Got back to the hotel....spoke to Wee Chard (and old classmate) on the MSN for a while on my upcoming biz trip to Tokyo (if that materialises) got me even more exciteeeeedddddddd.......wonder if we'll have the chance to meet up for a sake or two!

Then my close fren decided yes, he is going to propose to his girl friend after all....I am sooo the happy for him as well...nothing would be disclosed at this point. Ring shopping would come in so so so very very soon!

Sooo looking forward to my 'working' trip to Singapore next week! Again, have my shopping list readddddyy! Just found out another uni mate is permanently stationed in Singapore. Coincidentally, he has been working in many parts of Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore..)since graudation and we so happen to be in the same city many times.

And lastly, the final thing to look forward to in December.......!!! :) Again....keeping 'mum' at this point!!!!

Now I'm wayyyyy tooo excited to fall asleep...but tomorrow is another looooonnnnggggg day!

Goodnight folks!

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