Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally I am back..

I think it's just my luck with airplanes, my 5.35pm flight from KK was actually cancelled!!! A domestic flight!!! What crap and utter nonsense. This is my third flight cancellation in 7 months!!!!!! And is a MAS (MH) flight. Malaysian Hostility....

I felt like another epsiode of Amazing Race when we were told by our travel agent at 10-ish that the flight has been cancelled and we can opt to go on the 7 plus flight -no wayyyyy. The 3.30pm flight - out of the question...fully booked. last resort 12.15pm. So at 11 am, we checked out, hailed the cab and rushed to the airport which was 20 mins away. Phewwww...made it in time.

I can go on bitching, but I think I've said enough about my previous horrid experiences with MAS.

On the plane, I came across this article which I thought was pretty funny!!!

Wonder if my future husband will request I saw my beloved Bert into half if we ever divorce. I'll kill him with rat poison first!

And finally, when I got home, I saw in my mailbox my one and only postcard from Kev!! Had to virtually beg him to send me one!!!!!!!!On his solo trek in Europe beginning with Scotland!!!!! In case anyone forgot - I actually have a good friend by the name of Kevin Toh who has gone on a world tour couple of months back and should only be back end October!!

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