Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

(** Pictures in this post have been taken from the net**)

Given that I've been a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal since The Day After Tomorrow, it's redundant to ask if I'll be going to watch the Prince of Persia, after all that hype about the movie and how buffed JG had become....

Just will you check out those ripping muscles ...

Although imdb only gave it a mere rating of 6.8, I would still recommend it to everyone to watch (and no I'm not being biased here..I sincerely thought it was close to being awesome!). After all, it's the man's first attempt at such a film genre. Action packed till the last minute and I must say Gemma Arterton, spells HOT HOT HOT as Princess Tamina in the movie. (Bonus point: He's got an awfully cute smile!!). Cool graphics and I swear I was on the edge of my seat many times.
Cal looked at me at one point of movie when JG and GA shared their first kiss, towards the end of the movie and said "Are you sad?" Well, I might have just strangled her if the kiss lasted more than 5 seconds...
Replied A's text after the movie and told him I was done with Prince of Persia. He asked how it went. My reply, definitely awesome. He was skeptical. Sure? Yes! Sure? Ok fine...cause of Jake Gyllenhaal! HA HA HA
RM10 for a 2 hour movie, definitely well worth spent!
I would have rated it - 8/10
Off to Singapore in a bit. Finally!! After being homebound for a month. Definitely gonna miss some things around here but ... say hi to chilli crabs and Ice Cold Beer wings!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

In loving memory of Tan Se Jon

A friend of mine asked if I have some unique stamps to give to him as he's recently into collecting stamps. Or rather has been. He has been asking me for weeeeekssssss to look around my house to see if I have any. I remembered in 97 I bought a set of Prince William's stamps and promised him I'll look for them.

Rummaging through my stuff for the stamps in my very cluttered room, I found some other Australian stamps (friends who sent letters from Aust after I'd graduated and back..those days la when letters were still the 'in thing..yes, that's how much I've aged) and more from the UK (yeah, also used to have this very very very sweet friend who used to send me postcards and letters from the UK - where he was studying, and used to get loads of postcards from his many Europe travels). We've kind of lost touch over the years, but I'm very happy he's found the love of his life and very happily married now. Looking at these pics, it suddenly occured to me..HEY I've seen those places during my recent Europe trip toooo!

Apart from those memories, I found a couple of birthday cards and some photos of Jon. A person whom I truly regarded as a 'brother' to me. We met when I was 16 (those IRC days) and throughout those years, he's never failed to take care of me like his little sister. His passing in 2004 was a big blow to me as not only have I lost an elder brother, a very dear friend, a confidante but also someone whom I really respected. One of my fondest memories of Jon was when he got pissed drunk one night in Melbourne, fell down the stairs, landed on his gf then ( or rather they rolled down together) and later of him puking (thank god) from my car out through the window. Oh the hours I spent getting ride of puke stains and the stench!!!!

Gor, you will always have a special place in my heart and I know that you will be very happy whever you are now.

Today has been a quiet Saturday for me and getting ready to pick granny and leave for dinner. XoXo till my next post

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Tuesday

After a severe case of Monday blues, Tuesday started off much better with a cheery text in the morning! Work is piling up at work as I'm rushing to pull out from the client's this Friday.

Have to motivate myself to work harder. Have to also start hitting the gym more constantly just in case some unexpected beach holiday comes along right?

Anyway, here's a good funny read for a slow Tuesday before momentum really builds up tomorrow (hopefully). Why we can never get a good guy. Kinda reminds me of you, yes u...u got that email from me as well! hehe , hope all's well with my dear friend down south!

Since it's probably impossible to get a good guy nowadays, Jo and myself have resort to go on Project: Gold Diggers ! Wish us luck! he he

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dinner at Reunion - Bangsar Village 2

Add: Lot 2F-17 & 18 , Level 2, Bangsar Village II, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, KL
Tel: +603 2287 3770

I've only been to Reunion once before Thursday night's dinner for a bowl of wanton mee.

For Jim's birthday, the girls and I took him out to dinner (as he strongly recommended) to Reunion in Bangsar Village.

We started off with the pepper and salt 'bak fan' fish. Very crispy, lightly salted..not exactly a healthy option for a starter but who cares, we're all out for a feast!

We had the pig stomach soup next which was not hot enough but I have always been a fan of salted vege and pig stomach soup, so no complains if it's tasty enough...
The waiter recommended their house special black bean chicken which is undoubtedly one of the best dishes for the night. Steam chicken with soy sauce can get pretty boring but this really something unique.

Next we had long beans with roasted pork. The rest thought it was a wee bit salty and must have with rice.

Scallops with steam egg. Yum............!!! egg just steamed to perfection and with a generous portion of scallops.

Steam fish - I alwasy think that if a fish is fresh, irregardless of the taste, you can never go wrong. But this one had a good gravy on it....slightly spicy

The highlight of the night. Their hokkien mee. Absolutely generous with the pork lard (which I don't eat) --it's surprisingly very delicious for a restaurant standard. U know how hokkien mee are alwasy tastiest if cooked by those road side stalls or hawker stalls.

Bill came up to about Rm366 for 5 people but overall it's a good dining experience. Service, on the other hand has to be improved.
I will definitely go back there for their hokkien mee if I can get good dining company!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Westin Eest Dim Sum Buffet Brunch

Joanna and I took the Starwood Voucher to redeem a free buffet dim sum brunch for ourselves yesterday at the Westin. We started at about 11.30am and only finished at approximately 2.30pm.

Started off with their simple selection of sushi.

And a very interesting selection of salas. I specially liked the long beans with prawns which had a very Thai taste to it. There was also chili with cucumbers, jelly fish etc.

The spinach porridge was something different/ interesting and you can choose any of the few seafood ingredients for the porridge:- salmon, cod fish, squid, fishballs, prawns...

Of course we had our variety of dim sums from siew mai, chicken feet, chee cheong fun...nothing particularly interesting but it's good fun to sit down and catch up with a good friend on a saturday afternoon and sampling dimsum in a 5 star hotel..something which we normally won't do!

We also tried their sesame duck. I found it unique but the duck had a very strong 'duck' taste. HAHA in cantonese I think we call it 'sou'.

We ended our 3 hr buffet brunch with their desserts which we found really way tooooo sweet but to give them credit for it, they do have a wide selection and their ginseng tea is good to cool you down on a hot hot day!

Ended our lil outing by just making a round in Pavillion, just opposite. Found a Massimo Dutti belt which I really liked......but...have to exercise some self control if I want to materialise another Europe trip in 2011.
XoXo. Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Taking my family out to Sao Nam tonight for Vietnamese!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Malaysia Airlines (MH) more Ridiculous Stories

I never stop hearing ridiculous shitzs about Malaysia Airlines (MH - Malaysian Horror)

Till today, I'm getting comments from my old blog on the services by MAS. Just last night having dinner with my uncle, he mentioned that he was on MAS once and they ran out of satay sauce for business class. Really!

I remember during my business class experience to Amsterdam, my TV screen did not work BOTH WAYS - going and coming back but on the way back, the steward was kind enough to compensate me with a RM100 voucher, which I later found out that it's really nothing. A dude once complained about MAS staff forgetting to load their planes with the food and drinks menu for the Busines Class passengers, he was offered a free flight. Damn, should have lodged an official complaint again!

If you go though my old blog postings, you'll find a long list of never ending complaints from readers/ me.

One reader posted this today, a link to another complaint on our national carrier:

"I have came accross to your blog, sorry to hear your story but this story even more seriously worse MH stands from Malaysian Horror ".

Malaysia Boleh!

Grand Imperial Kitchen - Empire Mall, Subang

I apologize for the picture qualities, as they were taken from my Blackberry. Crap pictures!

Stumbled across Grand Imperial Kitchen with Sarah when I went to Empire Mall in Subang for lunch. Just having had my dinner in their Plaza Damas branch, I still decided to give this one a try as I've always been a fan of Grand Imperial restaurant in BSC.
Lunch can be either their set menus or ala carte. I opted for Set no 10 ( if I remember clearly), which was minced meat and mushrooms with noodles. Very springy noodle and not lacking in the taste department. It also comes with a pork ball soup (3 pieces) only for Rm11.90 and another RM2 for drinks. The orange juice I ordered actually did surprise me a little as I did not expect freshly squeezed juice, a whole glassful of it. Come on, how often do you get quality juices in Malaysia that comes for only RM2.
HOWEVER, I must say that service is absolutely disappointing. When we got there, all tables were occupied and the captain told us that all customers had just arrived and there were no available tables for us. We left and 1 minute later, a very nice old man runs after us and tells us that he's about to leave and we can take their table. Just as we sat down, 4 other tables of customers settle their bills and leave! Urghh!
Tables were cleared pretty quickly enough but they were not set fast enough. Halfway through lunch, I tried to get the attention of a waiter to bring us napkins. Standing 10 feet away, he acknowledges me, shakes his head a little to ask 'what do u want'. I mean how do u tell a stupid waiter standing 10 feet away that you want napkins. Do that 'wipe your mouth' action loh! At least he understood! Damn it!
Overall, the dining experience was satisfying, as all Grand Imperial restaurants are up to a certain standard, but yet again, why can't their improve on the level of their service?